Is it back again?

Hi all

Been 4 years since diagnosis, can’t believe it’s been so long and still going (relatively) strong. Had a blip last year with sacral and hip pain but bone scan revealed wear and tear. 6 weeks ago found a line of lumps in my lumbar paraspinal area (3 larger lumps with smaller ones as well); GP, Breast Surgeon and Ragiologist don’t know what they are so having FNA on Wednesday. Breast surgeon says it would be a very unusual area for mets. So what are they? If not mets then a new primary? Never goes away, does it.

Best wishes


Hi Valkyrie,

Sorry you are having to go through all this again, have some idea as to how you’re feeling. I’m waiting for results of x rays as I have been experiencing tremendous lower back and hip pain, really hoping that it’s age related wear and tear.
Good luck on Wednesday.


Hi Tina, thank you for your reply and apologies for my late one. Have you had the results for your x rays? I really hope everything was OK.
Didn’t have the FNA after all, had mammo and USS instead and now got CT on Monday :frowning: Surgeon thinks they are neurofibromas but can’t be entirely certain without biopsy but having them biopsied would leave me with permanent nerve damage round my middle. Hopefully CT will give a clue and as it’s several weeks now since I was referred I’m assuming they don’t think it’s mets or another cancer.
Take care
Valkyrie x