Is it bone mets ?

I can’t believe I’m back !
Diagnosed nearly 6yrs ago
Now waiting for a scan for pain in hips and pelvis
Never ever ever crossed my mind it could be bone mets
Put it down to sitting too long, sciatica , old age, etc etc every excuse u could think of - why did it not cross my mind ??
Think it started 2 yrs ago now - the trigger point was one night a pain around my ribs woke me up and that rang alarm bells
Scared is not the word many info gratefully received xxx

TeeCass, I have lung mets and Mets in most of the lymph nodes in my chest. My mets showed up after 10 years. A few years ago one bone met showed up in my spine, but it has remained stable. The forum can be quiet on the weekend, I’m sure you will be hearing from some bone mets ladies!  Please don’t let statistics scare you! I have been living with mets for 11 1/2 years!  FF

Thank u
What were ur symptoms of bone mets before being diagnosed ?

How do u stay so strong and go on ?
I feel like it’s over already my mind is forever thinking it’s gonna get me it’s even been a contributing factor to the end of my 7 yr relationship - 2 weeks ago !

Hello teecass
Yes bone Mets are a rear kick up the rear end …mine were after eleven years …got hip.pain thought it old age, moving house and dx with sciatica and amitripiline pills …but oh no the little blighters were partying in my hips, pelvis, spine and femur …but its a new way of life now but its just take a day at a time …
Hugs xxx

Thank u for ur reply
That’s were I think mine are and I have been putting down to sciatica
What were ur symptoms ?

Tee Cass
I had trouble putting weight on hip and leg and backache …even went to a chiropractioner for six weeks who treated it as a trapped nerve.
Hope your scan results are clear .don’t jump to the worst yet xxx

Tee Cass, I know what you’re going through. I’ve had pain in my spine for a few weeks now - worse when im not active, doesn’t feel muscular at all. Ive been to see my oncologist who didn’t seem overly concerned - nothe sure why not? Anyway, I’ve persuaded him to send me for a scan and the waiting is killing me…it’s reassuring that there are lots of women living with secondaries. Anyone else had this kind of back pain?

Any news ?
My scan 2nd may