is it normal to have such a raging appetite a week after?

I had fec last wed 3rd feb and i seriously can’t stop eating!! Is this normal??

LOl-I’m on a different chemo (carboplatin+herceptin), but I find the same, and I eat like a proverbial pig after about a week. I add in lots of chocolate too. I had a 185g bag of M+Ms tonight-they didn’t last very long…

jem - sounds about right! Also, if you are on steroids for a few days after the chemo this also increases appetite. Sadly I cannot use this excuse anymore (6 months after last blast) so must try and shift the extra stone and half x


Oh yer, I go carbtastic, all I want is the most boring food but lots of it, plain pasta with maybe a touch of mayonnaise, jacket potato, maybe with cottage cheese, Spaghetti on toast, toast, more toast and more toast! Quite oddly I do off sweet things and I don’t want anything fried.
Em x


I think everyone goes on a carb binge during chemo…hence the SUPPORT FOR LOSING WEIGHT DURING / AFTER TREATMENT thread! LOL

I’ve never been overweight before, but managed to put on a stone & a half during my 8 cycles of chemo…now I need to try & shift it!


Absolutely normal-I had cravings for some very unhealthy foods-steak sandwiches,egg and chips at all times of day and night.I went right off sweet things and all dairy products.I couldnt even tolerate milk in my tea.The best drinks were fizzy water and lemon and ginger tea.

God I’m so pleased I’m not alone. Seriously I’ve become a complete pig. I can’t stop eating. I’ve gone off lots of things, particularly fruit which I ate loads of previously but love others, especially chips and chocolate pudding (not together ha ha). Its like being pregnant again. I ate a full easter egg the other night and didn’t even feel full. Last night I had two teas, how greedy is that lol!!!

Happy eating… :slight_smile:

Am sat here munching away and agree with you all xx

ohhhh yes food glourious food enjoy every mouthful, and never feel guilty !!!

take care x

I had 4xFEC and stuffed my face throughout. Unfortunately put on a stone and now cannot lose any of it despite eating less than half of what I was eating and doing masses of exercise. Very frustrating!

It’s all perfectly normal, unfortunately!

What is it with carbs and chemo? I used to really enjoy a salad and fruit, but now its pasta, baked spuds, hot banana Nesquik (well, it’s been in the cupboard for ages and needs using up!), baked beans and lentil soup. I lost 22lbs last year and now I could so easily put it all back on. Oh, and grilled bacon! Yum!

Yes it’s normal.
I am one and a half stone heavier since starting chemo and I eat loads of rubbish. Damn those steroids.
Debbie. xx

haha…well i’m not alone then! I think about food as soon as i wake up until the minute i go to bed and am craving EVERYTHING!! sweet, savoury, anything!!! And i can’t watch any foody programmes at all as they just have my mouth watering and me heading for the cupboard! I really didn’t expect to feel quite this hungry all of the time! Have started to carry little tupperware of sultana bran with me so i can nibble on them - well when i say nibble, i stuff handfuls at a time into my mouth! oh i’m gonna put some serious weight on!!

its normal, eat and try to be merry. you can loose it once its all over! i ate my body weight in cake…god it was good!

good luck


yes its normal the carb crave!!! put on about 2 stone finished chemo last Sept have lost a stone since Christmas!!!
so annoying that chemo does this too us, but just eat what you crave! love debs xx