Is it possible to have mammary Paget's disease at 43?

Good Afternoon Ladies,


I am here seeking some advice or reassurance I suppose! I appreciate what I have may be something very minor and innocuous and I’m not here to offend any ladies with serious worries and health issues with my minor concerns, this is not my intention at all. I just don’t really know where else to go at the moment! 


I am 43 and in recent months noticed my areole on the top right side of my right nipple appearing inflamed and now it seems to also be crusty in the mornings. This boob has also been itchy, mostly at night in bed. This morning the crust seemed worse than ever so stupidly I have Googled my symptoms and have been looking for images matching what I have, initially thinking it could be dermatitis.


The pictures I have found of dermatitis don’t really match what I have but images of mammary Paget’s disease seem to match very closely. I’m at my in laws house this weekend and so can’t really sneak off to examine myself but I don’t think it’s accompanied by a lump in that breast, but will check when I get home tonight.


I have read that Paget’s disease is rare and normally occurs in the over 50’s so just wondered if anyone knew if it can occur earlier please as I’m only 43? 


I flly out on holiday on Tuesday and so won’t be able to see a doctor before I go, but do appreciate that I need to and that’s the only way I will actually find out what’s wrong with me. But until I can, if there is anyone else here who has information/experience to share or who can answer my question, I’d be very grateful.


Thank you ladies.



Hi Sarah and sorry you dont have any replies yet. I guess you have already gone on holiday, but in case you see this, if you havent already had this checked and your symptoms are continuing, you need to get this checked as soon as possible. It could just be an infection, but it could be something more serious. It’s not worth taking the risk… hoping its all settled down though and you are feeling ok now.