Is massage ok?

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is massage ok ?
Tete.a.tete said on 17 Jan 2011 19:50

Hi, I don’t want to wast your time, but I heard somewhere that I should not have a massage in case i get lymphoedema.I have been given a spa day for two as a present and want to no if it’s safe for me & my sister?. I had a lumpectomy & 4 lymph nodes remooved in September 2009, my sister had the same opp in May 2010.I know a sauna is not advisable but would a neck & shoulder or scalp massage be ok?

Hi Tete.a.tete

I’ve had indian head massage at a local cancer support group/place so guess that must be okay. Have been advised by every body else that I can’t have massage - Lumpectomy and sentinal node biopsy June 09.

Not sure if that helps but have a nice time at the spa…


I believe it is ok if it is not too deep i.e. sports massage.

I have a massage at my chemo hospital as a complimentary therapy but they wish to know what treatment I have had before they start. I have also had an indian massage and I was told reflexology will help the lymph nodes.

I would check with the company as I am sure they will have come across this or check with your local hospital.



I’ve been having a massage at my local hospice. From my understanding you need to avoid a deep massage. The massage is fantastic and feels really good.

Reeb x

this is a difficult one because there’s so much contradictory advice.

First I’d say make sure that the health club are happy to give you a treatment. They should be but I know other women have said they’ve been turned down for treatment.

I have had regular massage through my treatment and post treatment. I asked my oncologist and he said it was fine and he is aware I suffer from back pain. I do have mild lymphodema but I do still have back massage which includes shoulder and neck. However - as I do have a back and shoulder problem and it’s a case of weighing up pain and mobility with the risk. I have also explained the situation to my massage therapist.

If you’re worried why not go for something like the scalp massage or a facial or have your nails done. There’s no point in doing something like that if it will cause you any anxiety.

I had regular massage pre cancer, went to Force but there massage isnt strong enough for me. Oncologist and surgeon said its fine but keep away from nodes and breast. which means my legs and back get a good do and neck and head from computer itis lol…

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