Is there a children's forum?

My daughter would like to talk to other children who have mums with BC, is there a thread for this?
(she is 9)

I am pretty certain there isn’t hunny. As far as I know all the topics for threads are posted down the left hand side of this site. Maybe you could speak to a moderator and suggest this.

Hi Fiona

There was a thread not long ago with a couple of sites for children to chat to others in this situation, I jotted them down for my daughter.
My daughter said one of them didn’t work but she can’t remember which one, sorry!

Hope she finds them helpful

Catherine x


I think one was mentioned in the ‘Sticky’ at the top of the page recently - there was a live phone session for people with secondaries who have kids and afterwards it was put up. Maybe you could find it, or the moderator could get it to you. I didn’t take any notice as my kids are too young at 4 and 2, but I’m sure it was for children of cancer patients.

Hi Irina

Breast Cancer Care do not have a forum for children but as the others have mentioned there is other information available. I will look into this and send you a private message with any relevant information for you and your daughter.

Best wishes

BCC Facilitator

Hi sam

Perhaps you could post the information on the forum; I am sure others will find it useful too.


Hi Irina and all

is a very good site for children of people with cancer. I’m sure your daughter will find this helpful.

Best wishes


Thanks everyone, I will look into this site,

Hi again

I have been searching around for more useful resources.

There is the Breast cancer Care publication talking with your children about breast cancer which you can download


Also Macmillan have quite a bit of information which you might find useful.This is at

Hope this helps


Bumping this up in the hope there are other mums out there with young daughters who may wish to have someone to share their feelings with. My 10 year old is the only one left at home (my 16 year old is at college hundreds of miles away and only comes home every 6 weeks and my 20 year old has left home) and is struggling with all the cancer stuff and her feelings about her mummy having cancer, no hair, different boob etc and I think it would be nice for her if there was someone she could talk to, be that to say that she is angry with me (which she is) or afraid.

I have seen the link re “riprap” and she will be having a look but thought it might be useful for her to have someone who’s mum has BC and preferably a girl that she can talk to on the net on a one to one basis.

Kate, x

On a slightly similar theme, I’d love there to be a forum for women of all ages who have pre-schoolers. Perhaps BCC could create this and a forum for older children to talk about how they feel and cope with everything.

Sounds like a good idea Cat. I was just thinking that a forum would be better than unsupervised free chat for fear that they might ask/find out/worry about stuff from each other that they wouldn’t have other wise. BC affects all of our families and there doesn’t seem to be that much support for them. I know my hubby and little girl find it difficult that everyone asks how I am and forgets to ask how they are.

My oldest daughter is 10 and I think she would find it really helpful to have a moderated forum where she could chat about her feelings. Obviously mum and dad are no use, and as she is oldest she somehow feels “responsible” for her little brother and sister. I definitely did not appreciate how much she understood and worried when I was diagnosed 3 years ago.

Kids nowadays (god that makes me sound old) are much happier expressing their feelings on internet than in person, so it could be a great opportunity.

Take care, Jen