is there a connection...

For a year I had really bad anemia and in the end I had to have 2 iron infusions in December to bring my lron levels back up. In January my blood test showed all levels were back to normal, except my red blood cell distribution width. Which should be between 11-14 but is now up at 28 (in October it was at 20 but I don’t have any earlier copies of blood tests to see when It started increasing) so I asked the doctor why it was high and she said she didn’t know because they normally only use it as an indicator for anemia so because all my other levels were in the normal ranges she wasn’t worried… but after reading a pilot study that shows red blood cell distribution width is high in patience with breast cancer and so this could be used as an indicator I’m now curious about the connection… so does anyone else know their red blood cell distribution width and has anyone heard of this connection between cancer and high red blood cell distribution width??

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I am sure some of our users will be able to discuss this with you and offer some support.

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