Is there a support group in Portsmouth area? QA Hospital patients.

I was wondering if there are any ladies who meet in or near the Q A hospital in Portsmouth? Would like to join you please x

Hi Lucky Gal
I don’t know how mobile you are - a group of us meet for informal chat, support, coffee and cake at random locations around Hampshire. so far this has been M&S at Hedge End and Winchester. At least 2 of the group live quite near Portsmouth and I think 1 has a QE connection.
We are a happy bunch and have only recently started getting together so still at the getting to know each other stage. We are trying to meet during the last week of the month with a flexible day/time/Location. I don’t know when or where the next meet-up is as I will be away and Valia is fixing the exact date and venue. Have a look on the Thread relating to ‘support group Hampshire/Winchester’ you are more than welcome to join us.
Good Luck with everything - Jacqui

Thanks Jacqui, I will definitely have a look at the thread you mentioned.

Hello Lucky Gal,

I’m the one with a QA link Jacqui mentionned. Happy to be in touch and meet up ahead of our next group meet if that helps. I’m in Locks Heath and driving, so quite flexible on location. Send me a message if so, as I might not find this thread again!

Have you joined in with Breast Friends at all? They meet one Tues eve a month at Macmillan in QA, not just secondaries though.


Hi lucky gal,
We meet on Monday 1st of July at 2.30pm in Winchester. Why don’t you come along? Would be good to meet you! Sarah is also coming.
Let me know if you are free and fancy joining us. Will send you more details