Is there any link between injury to the breast and BC ?

This has been niggling away in my brain since I was diagnosed and am wondering if there’s a link to my cancer.

Around 20 years ago I met and lived with a guy for around 5 years, long story cut short but I was the victim of his abuse, one of the many awful things he would love to do was ‘flick or hit’ me with his hand, always to the same place, my boobie, it would hurt and I would cry.
Well 20 or so years later I found my lump just above my nipple towards the centre of my chest, exactly where he used to inflict my injury.

So what do you think ladies, connection or not ?

Eunice x

p.s. by the way I eventually got out from that relationship, and met a fab guy 11 years ago, and married him June 18th this year.

Hi Saphy

There was a whole thread about this not that long ago, with some very differing views and opinions. I’ll see if I can find it and post a link.


Found it!–t32419.html

right this is my take on it. cancer happens because cells dna gets corrupted, the policing system cells have to spot and repair them are looking the other way at that point. I understand that this can happen quite often, but because cells communicate to each other all the time then if there is a cancer cell surrounded by healthy cells they stop it from getting any bigger or from spreading. But if anything happens to disturb the health of the surrounding cells then that cancer can then develop unchecked. On the other hand the cells can be unheathly, but if there is not a cancer cell in there then you dont suddenly get cancer.

Dr susan love says it is like having a child of bad character who never goes wrong whilst living at home in a strict family and good school, but if they get in with a wrong crowd with bad influences than they can go right off the rails.

So I would say, if your breast got unjured and you happened to have the chain of events that caused a cancer cell on the damaged bit then it could develop there whereas if the same thing happened elsewhere in your breast it would not develop.

However it does not have to be an injury that can upset things, they are doing research into what it is that makes one lot of breast cells keep cancer into check when otheres dont.

Thanks for the link DJ it certainly makes interesting reading.

Thanks for the reply OAL you’re theory is also very interesting and has made me think.