Is there one thing that has helped you with chemo?

I am 8 weeks post Tac and was thinking about this the other day. I know there is a long thread on chemo tips but is there anything that really stands out for you?
Mine is this hat I’m wearing in my picture, its stretchy and comfy, pulls straight on, gives a bit of volume and goes with everything, I’ve worn it nearly every day. Its from suburban Turban.

hi nem

Mine is my wig. I feel human again. I bought one completely different to my normal hair - i thought if I had to wear one - it may be how I want to look!!

Janette xxx


Mine was difflam mouth wash, on tax my ulcers were dreadful. This stopped the big ones forming and numbed the littles ones. Helped me eat and sleep, my two favourite things. Dx

My lovely soft beanie hat that I wear indoors and even to bed sometimes is like my comfort blanket! I wear wigs in the daytime at work and its so nice when I come home to take it off and put my hat on!

Excellent idea for a thread!

Loads of tips, but stand out ones were sky plus/box set DVDs of half hour sitcoms as needed to be occupied but short concentration span , a newspaper everyday for same reason and hot showers for when felt miserable as it gave me something to do plus cheered up my mood. Sorry, 3 tips, what can I say? I’m greedy.

I forgot about the DVDs- totally saved me and much less depressing than daytime telly. Me and my laptop are such good friends now, I just plug in and zone out if things are getting hard. Mad Men, Entourage (6 series!) and Brothers and Sisters are my favourites so far.

Nearly got thrown out of the chemo suite laughing too loudly at the inbetweeners. iPhone and laptop lifesavers when bored. Dx

radio 4 and the Saturday paper, hot pack and jimjams!! plus retail therapy just after chemo

I stripped all the paint of my staircase kept me occupied and it looks great now that was my therapy treatment

My sheep! I go and check them daily and they are so pleased to see me, listen intently to me swearing about the circumstances, look very thoughtful and carry on munching philosophically.

My dog. He was the only living thing I felt I could really let go and have a good cry around. I always felt I had to be positive around people but he just gave me a cuddle without trying to cheer me up. Also made me go out when I really didn’t feel like it.

Jan xx

flat lemonade
my beanie hat

this forum

Oh yes and my wonderful dogs…means I have to go for a long walk every day even when i really don’t feel like it…like the day after chemo. …and I always feel better for it afterwards!

Haven’t even started chemo yet (counting down the days), but I can already say “this forum”. Thank god for all the positive, funny women on here who manage to put it all in perspective.

Sophie xxx

I can only echo what several other people have said - Radio 4, a soft beanie hat for the cold nights, my wonderful wigs, my long-suffering and equable husband, ditto the dog

I was also upfront when I was unhappy with aspects of my chemotherapy treatment; the dept. was appallingly overcrowded, the waiting was awful- and often unnecessary …and some of the nurses had lost sight of administering TLC and had morphed into chemo technos.

So…I complained verbally and I also put my views on paper; I’m still not sure how much good it did but at a time when I was feeling pretty powerless, it helped ME! I felt I was speaking up on behalf of the sisterhood- many of whom seemed so poorly or frightened or worn down that they were prepared to go along with everything that was thrown at them and look grateful !

my laptop and this site has been my 24 hr helpline and lifeline to me as well as all my chemo-buddies and amazing family who have kept me busy and sane ,but i couldnt have faced it the way i have without the confidence and normality my wig and make-up has given me even in hospital after surgery the women would laugh cos id get told some result get upset disappear to the toilet re-apply the slap and carry-on feeling better .it can hide a multitude of sins xxxxJulie

Radio 4 on all night with OH dispatched to the spare room, and getting out for walks during the day - fresh air and mild exercise really helped. And had I known about it at the time, I would have eaten linseeds for the constipation!

finty xx

Topsymo…well done for making those comments…it will help you enormously and also possibly help others to feel better too. I was asked to write in about my pre operative treatment on the day of surgery by a new bcn who was sitting in on her first experience of the consultant marking up with felt pen, photographing and asking me how I felt about my boobs…she (and my husband) felt really embarrassed for me by the way it was done, which lacked sensitivity and was just like a production line with no ‘can I’ or ‘please may I’
I had an interview with the lead bcn last week and had to fight hard for my views to be put down properly as she thought I was being ott…!!! I pointed out that being polite and asking if it was ok to photograph rather than saying stand there while I take a picture was common courtesy and also gave the patient some control in the situation…she maintained that patients have no control…to which I pointed out they were volunteering for the treatment not conscripts…that customer care and tlc were important…I felt a lot better for that!!

Cuddles with dogs and OH. Also this forum so full of advice and support. Thanks for pointing out surburban turban feel the credit card burning a hole in my pocket again. Reeb xxx

This forum has really helped. I’m lucky to have a very supportive OH, family and friends. Even so only others going through b c treatment really understand.
I went out with a large group of people - not my closest friends, but I know them all. It was endless ‘Oh you do look well’ (me thinking you don’t know the half of it)and 'Your hair looks nice (ie your wig is pretty good - all hairs in place and not your usual misbehaved hair).
I know they all mean well.
Also trying to carry on as normal when I feel well enough, walking every day, friends who bring soup and cakes for our family of four in week one, laughing and joking about all the usual things and lack of hair etc, Suburban turban.
Thanks everyone. Stella