Is this cellulitis??

Dear all,
I wonder if anyone can please offer some advice? I had truncal lymphodema dx 2006 (after recon became cellulitic) , then have now developed arm lymphodema a few years ago, and now have a bit of tightness in my hand .
5 days ago, I woke up not feeling too well 9fluey) and also had a sensation of heat deep within my back/under arm (area of truncal lymphodema). however, there was nothing visible and the area did not feel warm to touch. I went to work (prob shouldn’t) and after 6 hrs on computer, my chest/trunk/arm felt they were going to burst.
Next day, much the same, so I spoke to LD nurse on the phone who thought it may be cellulitis, despite no redness or heat to the area, just this sensation of heat from deep inside. I then had to ring my GP and ask for antibiotics on LD nurses advice.
However, the next da (3 days ago)y i went to collect these , but noticed the area felt much better , so thought perhaps it is just a flare-up of LD and have’t taken them.
However, today I feel awful (really fluey) but don’t sem to have the heat feeling and still no visible signs.
Does this sound like cellulitis of LD, or do I just have a viral thing going on?? XX

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Hi happyshopper,

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Jo, Facilitator

Thanks Jo X

I had cellulitis & felt exactly as you describe but did have a red patch on my arm, i would take AB’s anyway as better to be safe than sorry & if left untreated it could make you very poorly. Sarah.xx

Hi happyshopper,
I think you should phone your ld nurse again. I was dx with ld about a month ago. Within a few weeks I had an infected mozzy bite,y arm was tight and hot with a red rash. I was prescribed a 2 week course of antibiotics. It could just be a coincedence that you feel fluey but personally, I would start the anti . I hope you feel better soon xxxx

Ps, i felt really fluey & just yuk :frowning: x

Dear all, Sorry it’s taken so long to reply, but have felt so “yuk” I have’nt been on the computer.
Really appreciate all your comments, thank you! Well, I did go and get the antibiotics and took them, because I felt so darn ill - really fluey, wnated to sleep all the time, felt more swollen - really horrible.
Within a few days of taking the antibiotics, I started to feel so much better, and the last 2 days, almost back to normal (whatever that is!!).
I didn’t really develop any redness or heat, but did notice a sort of pinkish colouring to a small area. I am due to see the LD clinic tomorrow, and will let you know what they said.
Thank you once again XXX