Is this how lung mets start ?

Hi all

not been on this site in ages and hoped I would never need to…

Had WLE in Aug 2009 , Stage 1, Grade 2, 1.1cm, ER+ tumour successfully removed. No nodal involvement.Had course of 15 Rads followed by Tamoxifen since Sept 2009. No chemo needed

Been really well and positive ever since and life has moved on.

Now have a cough which has lasted nearly 5 weeks. Have had such coughs before, esp as a child/teenager but am now dead scared that this could be lung mets…

No other symptoms.

I know I must go to GP but feel so reluctant to start the ball rolling down BC’s vile path again :frowning:

Anna xx

Hi please go see gp it’s best to check I’ve got lung mets had a small cough but also chest pain they found mine by accident it cld be loads of things chest inf etc I don’t wanna scare u but like u know the earlier u catch thease things the better kp posting go make that appt let us no how u get on big hug Laura

Hi laura
thanks for your reply. I just realised I have probably posted this in the wrong forum…must be out of practice with using this site…!

not sure how to move, but have copied and pasted into " have I got secondary cancer ?"

I know I must go to GP, but am really scared and wake up every day hoping the cough will have gone by itself …

You need to go don’t leave it I know y scared I was only dx in march I’m scared to death started chemo in may had gd response it cld be something else just pick up the phone tomorrow make the apt

OMG you poor thing. Hope you are coping ok with the chemo ?

Hi Anna

I know how you feel, I’ve been doing the same waiting. I had a really bad cold in Feb and another one in April and I was left with loads of phlem for ages, it got better but I’ve been left with a cough.
I already have secondaries to the bone (4 yrs) and they dont really cause me any problems. I didnt wont to say anything about my cough as I wanted to go to Greece in June. My friend pushed me to see my onc last week (I have Herceptin every weeks so I’m at the hospital)I had a CT scan on Friday so now I’m waiting for the results.
I’ve booked to go abroad at Xmas and I dont want to pay for it if I’m not going to be able to go.
I’m not breathless and I dont cough when exercising, soon the worry will be over and at last I’ll know one way or another. I looked on the net and loads of things can cause coughing.

Thinking of you and understanding

Sue x

Thank you Sue. Sorry to hear about the bone mets. Sounds like you are dealing with that really well though… :slight_smile:

I hope you get some good news and are able to go ahead with your trip at Christmas.

Anna x

I have made the first step and been to GP. She has prescribed antibiotics and said if these don’t clear it up in a week, to go back and they’ll see about doing a chest x-ray.

So fingers crossed they will work. It does actually feel a bit better today, strangely enough!

Anna x

Hi Anna

Great, the antibiotics should get it sorted. Glad it’s feeling better already, stress can make a cough worse.

Sue x

Hi so glad u went to gp hope the tablets sort it let us know how u get on I know it scary but u have made first step big hug x