Is This Inflammatory Breast Cancer or not?

My Mum showed me Today that she has a small rash on her Right Breast. She said it is itchy and the rash feels sore. She can feel what feels like a lump behind it. I have read about Inflammatory Breast Cancer and some of it sounds like it. Do these Symptoms sound like it or not? Does it present itself as itchy or not?

Thank You .

Just to add, she just said the pain is like a sore rash stingy feeling and she;s not sure if the lump she is feeling is an actual lump behind it in her Right Breast or just the rash. It is a really small rash. Like a small reddy pinkish patch with two little red spots in it.

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June, moderator

Unfortunately I can’t tell you if your Mum has IBC or not but if she can feel a lump it’s best to phone the doctors and get an appointment. If she tells them she’s found a lump in her breast they should see her the same day.
My only other advise would be ‘Don’t GOOGLE!’ You will end up diagnosing your Mum with all sorts and it will only add to the worry. And remember more lumps found are benign than cancerous. Good luck and let us know how she gets on.
Emma x