Is this recurrence

I had a matectomy in March 09 followed by chemo and radiotherapy, and Im now on arimadex. I had a lot of problems with seroma and had it drained 9 times until the Consultant said no more. After this the site was always puffy but I was fine. In fact the Consultant said on my check ups that it was fat. A few weeks ago I noticed a thickened part under the scar and contacted the BC nurse. I saw the Consultant within a few days who said it was scar tissue but would do a scan. This was done the next week, a week later I had a core biopsy as they were not happy with the scan.The results were rushed through and the Consultant told me it was benign and he would see me in 6 months. A week later the BC nurse phoned to say the Consultant wanted to see me as they had had an MDT meeting and were still uncertain about the scan. Last Wednesday I had surgery to remove the scar tissue so it could be examined, they also found pus which was not infected. I now have the seroma back again. I have to go for the results next Tuesday and Im worried sick. After being told I was OK one week then having my mastectomy site opened again within 2 weeks I don`t know what what to think. Has anyone else been in this situation.

Hi Pam
You have been through a terrible roller coaster - i would be in bits. I really hope all is well and that the results are good.I have not been through anything quite like this, though I did have to have my mx site reopened and extended due to a regional recurrence 2 years ago. Fingers crossed for you



Thanks Mo, I have never known anyone have the mastectomy site re-opened, the BC nurse said it is rare. What were your signs of recurrence? The Consultant said he`s 90% sure that it was just scar tissue, but the pus with no infection has got me worried. I still cannot understand him telling me one week everything was ok after biopsy then after meeting with radiologist etc. it was decided to operate. Everyone keeps telling me its just to make certain but its hard to get my head round this. What treatment did you have for recurrence?
Its good to have someone to discuss this with, family are great and trying to keep me positive, but its so hard. Tuesday will be a nightmare for me.