Is two weeks too Long to wait for results?

Since being involved with the new Facebook group with ladies from this site, I have actually been feeling really great about things, even forgetting that I have this damn lump!

All of a sudden tonight I have been filled with dread, and are feeling really wobbly again about Fridays operation and the results.

I mentioned on another thread that the two week turnaround to get my results was going to be agony. Another lady has told me that is not acceptable and they should have them within days. The test they will be doing is cutting the lump up I guess and testing for the dreaded “c”! How long should I expect to wait, as I really really don’t want to wait at least two weeks.

Jules xx

Hi Jules, not really sure what “operation” you are talking about. Is it a core biopsy, or a lumpectomy? If it is a core biopsy, as part of the 3 step procedure, I had the results that I had a malignant tumour the same day - within 2 hours actually.

If you are talking about a WLE (lumpectomy), that did take 2 weeks, for the tissue to be sent to the pathology lab and a report to be made to my bc surgeon.


I had WlLE and also took 2 weeks


Hi ladies, I am having a lumpectomy. The core and fna were done a few week back, but this is the whole lump being taken out under a general.

Hi Jules

I think most of us seem to have waited about 2 weeks after lump is removed it has to be tested over a period of time!!!

Keep your chin up you can do it girl

Kay x

Its too long! I am climbing the walls here xxx

Hi Jules
I have not posted last week due to some tech problems and last time I read you had decided to stay away as you felt that posting here would add to your issues.Don’t want you take this the wrong way but if things are that bad surely you are worrying yourself even more than neccesary as your last post suggests.and I have noticed several others in the same tone.and maybe you have come back too soon.
I know this forum is a lifeline and we all look out for each other but I would hate to see you getting too wound up again when people give conflicting answers to your questions.

Take care of your self you are the one that matters, and your well being must come first


Hi Mary, its ok, I am fine about being back. I wasn’t actually getting upset in the post before yours, more exasperated. But thanks for looking out for me its really appreciated.

Jules xxx

HI Jules

I had my mastectomy on the 2nd and am still awaiting my follow up appointment (3 weeks this week) I am expecting a phone call today to get a date for it. It is a very trying time, obviously I know I have BC but I need to have my results to find out what is next. Apparently all surgeons do things differently, my surgeon like to discuss his patients with all the people involved ie. oncologist, bc nurses etc and then they all know the plant of action. I just have to wait I suppose. The waiting is hard tho.

Debs x

2 weeks is about average as the pathologist will need to check the specimen thoroughly and the team usually meet to discuss all cases once pathology report available. It is one of those things that can’t be rushed - however I expect if you were private, it might be slightly quicker?



I had to wait 2+ weeks after my lump was removed and sorry but you know my story. It takes that time sorry hun I know its a pian but try to be patient. All this worry is not going to change the outcome so try to carry on with life as best you can.

Take care and good luck hun

P xxx

It takes two weeks due to the number of tests and slides that have to be prepared on not just your sample but on the hunreds of others that arrive in the lab… try not to worry Jules - it doesn’t change the outcome, and you’ve already been told you ‘don’t’ have bc…

td x

Hi there Waiting. Thats the thing, I was told at the time they couldn’t see bc, but I have since had a letter from my GP copied from the hospital saying that BC can’t be ruled out. One of the tests came back benign but the other is in the middle i.e. a question mark hence the surgery. I have spoken to the BCC helpline and they have also said with the results I have there is a good chance it won’t be bc, but there is also a chance it might be. So unfortunately things are not as cut and dried as I had hoped and written initially.

J xxx


Whist I except that many wait for 2 weeks following a lumpectomy and for the results of that, however these ladies have already had the confirmation of cancer following the FNA or core biopsy, the results they get post operatively are to size grade and stage the already diagnosed cancer. ( I actually had my WLE on the Thursday and the grading results on the following Monday)

The reason I say 2 weeks is too long is because you say you do not have a clear result yet, therefore you should be able to get a definite yae or nae to cancer before 2 weeks, I would still ask if they can tell you that before 2 weeks.

Best wishes

Thanks Linda, I read some guidelines recently about the time scale that is acceptable from start to dx and it was a month. I am going to push for my results to be quicker as its already been six weeks since the lump was referred and its sheer hell not knowing,infact down right cruel!

I have suddenly half an hour ago just exploded in tears and temper at hubby and son, and spent the last half our being comforted by a lovely lady on the helpline.


Hi Jules - best of luck tomorrow and post as soon as you can. Be thinking of you.

Much love.

Liz x

Hi lizzie, thanks for your good wishes, surgery is on Friday and I have my wire fitted tomorrow, starting to get quite nervous! But I am sure it will all be fine xxx