Is wearing a bra a good or bad thing?

Possible daft question alert!

I had an LD flap in November and am still a bit sore under my arm and around my side, and wearing a bra is still a bit uncomfortable. I do occasionally wear a very soft, non-wired one when I go out but take it off as soon as I get home.

I was just wondering (in general) if it is a good thing to wear a bra, and if so if I should be trying to get back in the habit of wearing one. I know wearing a bra can make your clothes look better, give you a better cleavage etc. And I guess if you have large breasts a good bra is supportive and it can be more comfortable than going without. But if you look and feel okay without one, is there any reason to wear a bra? Is there something I’m missing, or am I okay to carry on going bra-free?

I did ask one of the nurses after my surgery but she looked at me like it was a bizarre question and just said do whatever’s comfortable.

I was told by the BCN that it is a good idea to wear a soft, non-wired
bra as much as possible at first to support the breast after surgery if you can - a size bigger cup than usual because of swelling. Worked for me.Whatever feels most comfy for you I would think.

hi… i was told to wear a non wired bra… all mine were lacy frilly thingys… but went to matalan and they do some very soft tee shirt bras… no wires… and they are so comfy … wanged all the ribbon and lace in the charity bag … now got a draw full of comfy sensible ones… they are great… and… you cant tell one boobie is smaller than the other one … angie

Not a daft question - I also had LD flap surgery last November and was told not to wear under-wired bras until I felt comfortable doing so and and the swelling had gone down. I have got some soft, very boring though, non-underwired ones which I tend to wear during the day and the underwired lovely pretty ones when I go out or under certain clothes. I think it’s what you feel comfortable wearing. I can’t wear underwired ones for long as I’m lop-sided at the moment (waiting for a reduction and uplift) and they do start to feel uncomfortable after a while.

Hope this helps!


Hi there, I had an LD flap done in Feb this year and have finally escaped from sports bras hurrah! I was told that the hidden support vest tops are OK and have a few of those, also a couple of mastectomy bras by Royce which have the advantage of having a soft lining (even if I’m lucky enough not to need the pocket). Probably depepends what size you are too?

Hope you find something comfy - the Royce ones don’t look too functional if you know what I mean!

Can’t tell you if it’s good or bad, but I’m glad it’s not just me! M and S do a range of soft cotton Tee bras with moulded cups which I wore initially all the time (£8? each) (My LD flap March 30th) but got back into underwires before the summer - work in a school and my rolled up newspaper under arm gets quite tender by the end of the day - but I feel more supported generally (36D)

Ive turned up in an array of bras for my surgeon since and he’s never passed comment on the type (he did like the M and S ones though and asked me where I got them… very sure a legitimate q!). However the BC nurse told me to wear unwired, soft bras straight after surgery to help form the flap into the shape I wanted. I then wore soft in the day and sports bras in the night right up to about June. Shapes coming well - due for finishing off in Oct.
Love and empathy