Isle of Wight??

Don’t suppose there’s anyone living on the isle of Wight is there … long shot I know!!

Hi Di - goodness I seem to be chasing you around the forum!

When we meet in Portsmouth one of the ladies comes over from The Island. You are welcome to join in with us, as is any SBC lady who can get to our current meeting location. Have a look at the Hants/Winchester meet up thread for the latest suggested dates, we usually update it nearer the time in case we can’t make it or need to swap one of the days.

Nicky x

Thanks for your responses, I’m all the boards Nicky! Apologies if I’ve not responded, I have read & info gathered tho! Once I have my treatment in place, the 8th hopefully, the jitters may settle & I’ll start concentrating & responding … just a bit all over the place right now … thank you again tho, your support & guidance is sooo appreciated xxxx

Hi i know your message was at the begining of the year but ive just joined and live in Newport.