issues at work

Has any body else had problems at work, had a year off work after six months chemo and radiotherapy, since oct 07 my manager has been telling me may be best if I leave, my accuracy of work has been 100% but not speedy, I was referred to OH in dec 07, he said to be more supportive and take away targets, they then put me on phones every day but still had the pressure of finishing my work in the morning, on zoladex injection and was getting paronid and low but thought it was the injections, had counselling, in jely of this year had shingles, on the friday before I was due to return to work rec’d letter about sickness and meeting,had meeting on my return, rep said after meeting they are bullying you, I then went to see personnel file and saw emails about how she could get rid of me if not on capability what else, she said i was doing a 1/4 of every one else, union have all this proof and no thing been done yet, HR and OH are going along with every thing she says, I asked for my stats for last six months, she said that they had not kept stats as told by OH, please could some one help


You are definatly being bullied. I am HR qualified and I would say this is definatly a great case for constructive dismissal. Not a big help I know when you are the one going through it. Most companies are very sympathetic and supportive in times like this. I would in the first instance have a chat with the CAB. Incidntly how long have you worked for this company?

Hi Sueg11
It was great to receive a reply, I have ameeting with HR on friday, but both the union reps at the council are saying that if I do not drop the grievence route they will not support me, they also said they would not attend the meeting on friday and that I would be on my own. I do not know what to do, at first before I showed them the email that my line manager had sent, after the meeting my union rep said you are being bullied and said take out a grievence, when I showed them all the proof they have changed direction, may be I will have to leave, but why should I leave a Job I like doing. I have worked there for eight years.

Your union reps don’t sound very helpful, can’t they ask for legal advice. I wouldn’t go to any meetings without representation. If their advice was to take out a grievance why are they now going back on what they said? How can they say you are doing a quarter of the work of someone else if they don’t have proof of this? they have to make reasonable adjustments to your work. If you had shingles you can’t work anyway, it hurts like hell. It’s a very shabby way to treat someone who has worked there 8 years. Shame on them



You are being bullied.Have you mentioned the Disability Discrimination Act to your employers?Tey are behaving unreasonably.If your own union rep is not being helpful perhaps you could ask for another rep from the union to assist you.
I know it’s easy for me as I am not in your position,but I would be unwilling to drop any greivance simply to make life easy for management.I am extremely lucky as I work in Organisation & Development and sit side by side with HR staff in my organisation and have found them to be extremely supportive.
I’ll try to contact one of my mates tomorrow for some advice.