It is done - all done! :-)

Hello everyone!
My breast recon is finally done (as you can tell from the title!)

I had left mastectomy in September 2009, followed by a temporary tissue expander insertion, which was replaced with a permanent implant some months later.
Last August, some very thin skin broke and the implant was trying to escape.
My then surgeon refused to accept anything was wrong (it was only picked up by a new surgeon when i was referred for a nipple recon which was not going to happen, due to a poorly positioned implant and the skin about to break through!) Long story which is in the hands of a solicitor now.

Had the LD flap minus the implant last September (performed by my fantastic new surgeon)and on Tuesday, he finally put put in the implant and lifted my right side.

It all looks SO much better - i can hardly believe how lucky i am to have had this surgery done relatively quickly - a job well done i my opinion!

Just got the nipple to do, but that can come later.
For now, after a long and emotional journey, i can say i am happy with new pert chest!

Naz xxx

Great news! Congratulations on the new “pert” you!!! Have a great weekend, Angelfalls xx

Oh Naz, am so glad for you. I don’t come on here very often nowadays, and am really pleased to have seen your post. Congratulations on your “new addition”! xxx

well done, sounds great. Just wondering if you could explain difference between lifting and implant as my bcn was talking about possibility of uplift on good side to help match mine up but I thought i’d need an implant as it is much smaller - sorry to hijack your post hope you don’t mind

I’m so glad for you, Naz, I know you were feeling very down about the failure of the first op. Good luck with the solicitor thing and I hope that doesn’t get you down too much, it can be a bit of a strain having to go through legal stuff, but you can always whinge on here if you need to, as you know.

Bunnies, they often put in an implant to create volume in your good breast, followed by an uplift to give you balance.
My LD recon sits a little higher than my natural breast, so to spare me the ‘droopiness’ my clever surgeon lifted my natural breast to pretty much the same level as my newly reconstructed breast - it is great!

I am expecting some level of ‘droop’ once the swelling does down, but nothing like the level it was at before this new surgeon took over.

Choccie, i was so low after the failure of the last recon, it was horrid.
At the moment, i am so happy with the new results, it is a lovely feeling!


Great Naz that you’ve got there after such a long and painful journey.

thanks for explaining that Naz - my “good” side is actually higher than my recon so just worried it will end up even higher if I have implant but got plenty of time to decide apparently as wouldn’t do anything for 12 months. Hope you are ok and thanks for your help I really appreciate it

Your surgeon should be able to work with you, so that you are in the picture as to what he is planinng for you bunnies.

It might be that he uses a very small implant to give you some volume and to ensure that your breast does not sit higher than your natural one.

I hope it all works well for you and you are happy with your final result.


Hi Naz, just got back from holiday and saw your post. So pleased for you and you seem so happy.
I still have my hole but it is definately smaller, see the PS again on Wednesday. Although its been 15 months, it is now only a couple of cms, at the start it was golf ball size.
Good luck with your new boobs.