it takes my mind of things, good idea or not?

been keeping myself very busy. writing alot of poetry as i have since i was 9 when i needed to let emotions out (im not a good talker so writing always worked) my friend recently told me i should set up a small business selling personalised poems. ive probably wrote 30+ poems for friends and family who couldnt find the right words, even a close friend of mine asked me to wrote one for her daughters memory. i love doing it just wary i think x

Go for it.

Sorry pressed send before I finished. I meant to say that if people have asked you to write something on their behalf then you obviously have a talent
X Sarah

great idea… go for it… angie

im just clueless though dont know where to start or how much to sell for i wouldnt want to rip anyone off, heres a poem a wrote for my dear mother in law who passed last november. nothing professional but always from the heart.

how do we say goodbye to pam
how do we heal the pain
why do you have to leave this earth
as quickly as you came
our “rock” our advisor, our mentor
we’ll remember your anecdotes forever
who will keep us all in line
and hold us all together
theres one thing we could promise you
and thats we’ll try be stronger
to keep united in your memory
but how we wish we could have you longer
ill “let it rattle church or chapel”
and sing pal of my cradle days
wash tough stains with washing up liquid
we’ll follow in your ways
its time to say goodbye now
its time to catch up with your dad
talk about all of the things hes missed
and good times that you’ve had.
you’re being taken too soon but sleep tight now
you’ve been our legend, our hero our rambo
infact you are and forever more will be
our very own loveable pambo (her affectionate nickname)

Aaah, personal and moving. I wish i had such a talent.
Go for it.

aww thats lovely mamof2, go for it, u obviously have a talent for it xx

It’s a lovely thing to do and a lovely poem.
I have written a couple of poems for peoples weddings instead of the usual readings.

HI, my oh writes his own songs, he writes them as poems first, then puts music to them and plays guitar and sings the poem as a song. He too is very talented but has never done anything with this talent other than for himself really.

I am forever telling him that it is such a waste not to share with others, he never puts pen to paper either, he memorises all of them,

my advice to you is, go for it, what have you got to lose? you have a gift to share so why not share it?

love and best wishes to you Liz xx