Itching on letrozole

Hi everyone,

I’ve been on letrozole for almost 3 weeks now and apart from hot flushes, have felt ok. I had 5 years of tamoxifen before this. I do itch quite a bit however! Some days there is nothing, but today it is driving me mad! Random places, and only for a few seconds. The leaflet says this may happen…does anyone have any experiences to share please? 


No experience with letrozole but I’m on Tamoxifen and one brand of that makes me itch.  Other brands do not,  so it might be worth asking your pharmacist for a different brand of letrozole.  I agree it drives you bonkers!


Hope this helps but maybe someone with letrozole experience will be along soon.

I took letrozole and  had terrible itching, especially my head.  was really uncomfortable felt like I had something crawling about in my hair, drove me mad, I even bought special shampoo which did’nt help much.  Its easy enough to apply cream to body  but not so with head.


It stoped working for me after about a year so I stopped taking it, the itching ceased so it must have been that.


Good luck.