Itching with tamoxifen

I started tamoxifen in April 2015 and had no side effects. in June i moved to France and in september went over to a French version. Within a couple of weeks I had hot flushes and cramps. After 2 months they stopped but the itching started. I ended up with rashes all over and especially where i’d had radiotherapy. I saw my consultant and he changed my prescription to a generic version which helped for 3 months. Now the itching has started again, my husband has threatened to bandage my hands as im scratching so much!
Has anyone suffered side effects from a change of make?
Are there any alternatives for pre menopausal breast cancer?

I’ve been taking Tamoxifen for just over one year and have had some new issues for the past few months, including itching and eczema. I hadn’t realised that different brands have different coatings which can cause different problems, so haven’t been taking notice of brand names until now. 

Currently I’m on Teva and my oncologist has suggested changing to Wockhardt. The itching wakes me up at night, mainly right arm where lymph nodes were removed but to be honest I itch all over sometimes. Skin is also extremely dry and I can produce a veritable snowstorm of skin flakes when I take off my leggings even though I moisturise daily. I also itch like crazy ‘down below’ which is a new development.

I’ll see how things go with the Wockhardt brand.


Hi, yes my itching seems to be getting worse. I have read that some people have stopped taking tamoxifen for 2 weeks to see if the itching stops. I think i will try this then start again and if the itching starts again i have something positive to tell my onc. I know there is an alternative but only for post menopausal women which im not yet.

I’ve only been taking tamoxifen for a week.  Yesterday and today my legs and chest have been incredibly itchy.  I’ve been scratching my legs and blaming the cat for having fleas, but there aren’t any bites.  Have left my chest alone as it’s just above the breast where I had my mastectomy.  Wondering if it could be the tamoxifen, but surely too soon for side effects?  Am going to start a diary of the dates and symptoms, just in case.

Hi I guess everyone is different, it took a good3 months before I started itching. It is worth writing it all down then at least wen you see your onc you can show him.
I have to admit i have been off it now for 3 months, I started feeling so much better. No itching, I’ve lost weight and I feel so much better in myself. I was reluctant to get an earlier appointment but I am seeing my onc next week and not looking forward to going back on it. I am also trying to eat healthier and get a bit fitter. Increasing the alkaline in your body is supposed to be good as well.