Hi all,

have nearly finished chemo - had 4 epi and about to complete 4th cycle of CMF, I have started to get more itchy, its driving me crazy!!! Anyone else had this. None of my allowed creams are working. I do have a hickman in so don’t know if that matters or not. Its all over my body. I have no rash so don’t know if I should be concerned.

I have noticed an increase in moles - or might be just my paranoia!!!



Hi Vicky

I just caught your post whilst browsing.

I finished taxotere in Oct, but I also experienced dreadful itching, no rash, just real itchy skin which drove me crazy.

No explanation for it, I wasn’t even sure if it was the Herceptin I was also having but it has got a bit better since finishing chemo.

My treatment was an anti histamine called Atarax, 25mg which did seem to help.

Hope you get some relief from this.