Itchy breast

Have had this 1 itchy breast for months,no discharge or rash,but very  very itchy and wakes me up in the night.have tried going braless for over a week at a time well 24/7.

have had a mammagram 6 months ago all was well.Also tried changing soaps ect.anyone else?

if its just once breast I would think its unlikely to be your soap or wash powder or anything like that.

If its been going that long then I think you should go to your drs and get it checked. It could be an infection, but there is a very small chance it could be more serious. Whatever it is, its best to get it looked at and sorted.Make sure you tell the doctor how long you have had it.

Any changes in the breast are best to get checked. Don’t worry about wasting drs time - they would much rather see people who turn out to be fine that not see people that needed it.

Hi Lydia56

Welcome to the BCC forums, along with the support here our helpliners are on 0808 800 6000 weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2 so please feel free to call to talk your concerns over

Here’s a link to the BCC ‘Worried about breast cancer’ information which I hope you will find helpful:

Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi I had my surgery and rads to my left breast and i am now taking Anastrozole since Sept 2013. Apart from an array of annoying side effects from both Chemo and Rads I also have them from the hormones!

In the last few months I have been having pain, itchiness and throbbing from that same breast and underarm (i had an axillary clearance also). Under neath and coming round towards the centre is a strange looking rash that looks like a connect the dots picture, they are a dark reddish brown color and are the size of a pen mark and dotted around that area.

My GP said that it could be a late side effect from the Rads and gave me Hydrocortisone cream which didnt help. I was then given some Daktacort cream which didnt help either. So when i saw a Specialist Breast Nurse at my Onco appt last month she suggested asking the Pharmacist at my GP surgery, who gave me another cream, Canesten, to try but yet again the rash is still there. I am seeing the Breast Unit surgeon this Thursday so i will ask them. When i was seeing the Onco last month she said in her notes that i had Candidiasis which is thrush i think, but she also saif keep the area clean and dry ~ but the funny thing is it never gets moist and wet underneath it is always dry and when you run your hands along the rash area it feels like braille with all the raised dots.

I give up!

Cheers, Michele x