It's benign but still need op

I just couldnt take the wait any longer, and have phoned the hospital today. I told the surgeon’s secretary that I’m almost in meltdown with the worry, and she told me not to worry, it’s benign. I still need to have the op tho, to remove the risk of the radial scar becoming cancerous, and have been pencilled in for the 7th Oct.

As I’m sure you can all imagine, I’m overwhelmed with the relief, but still anxious about the op.

Will the op be much the same as I was expecting if I had a BC dx? Will I still be off work for 6-8 weeks?

Hi Teejay
Very good news about your results.

I’ve had previous breast surgery before being diagnosed with breast cancer and I was off work for 2 weeks (it as quite major surgery) and then went back to work with my stitches in but took it very easy. You shouldn’t drive for at least 3 weeks or until you feel you have full mobility. I have since had a mastectomy and I was up and about a few days later and feeling ok. If you are fit and healthy, you should recover very quickly.

Best wishes

Hi Teejay,

Thats brilliant news that your result was benign.

I had a benign radial scar aswell and the surgeon advised me to get it removed because of the risk involved with them.

I had it done 2 and a half weeks ago and it wasn’t too bad. I had a wire marker fitted in the morning and then had the tissue removed under a general in the afternoon.

No-one really told me how long to take it easy for and I must admit I carried on as normal after 3/4 days. Big mistake as I now have a Seroma! Back to the hospital today!

Think you should take at least a week off, maybe 2. I would play it safe and have as much time off as possible and take it easy.

Good luck