It's definitely shrinking!!!

Hi all

Just wanted to share some news. Have been to see my Oncologist today. I had an MRI scan last friday following 3 x FEC. The lump has shrunk from 5cm to 2.4 cm so I am well chuffed with that. Now we switch to Taxotere and looks as though I will only need 3 of those (not 6, which was a possibility if it was not responding). I feel really happy that I will hopefully be done with this evil stuff by 2nd November.

My dilemma now is surgery, a few weeks ago they said it might not have to be a Mastectomy if i was responding well - but my problem is that I am triple negative (so no Hormones/Herceptin for me) and recurrances are more likely. Coupled with the fact that they think I have a hereditary cancer (likely to be BRCA gene). I asked the Oncologist today about whether it might be wise to have a double mastectomy and he thought that was a serious consideration…blimey I never thought I would be even suggesting that or discussing that as an option.

I seem to have my sensible head on today. I don’t want this to come back in 1 or 2 years time, and then be thinking I didn’t do all I could to avoid it. My Onc said anything I can do to reduce my risk is worth the effort. I am amazed to say that I think I agree and I might go for the double whammy.

Any words of wisdom appreciated!!!

Much love and hugs

PS - Dawn, how did you get on today?xxxx

Hi Ali

That is brilliant news about your tumour shrinking, must be so good to hear that and know you are responding to your treatment. Well done you. And good news too about tax, I have my first tax on 10 October, as got my last FEC next Wednesday.

I was going to have a double mastectomy when first told had bc, even though they said only my right boob needed it. But I was adamant if there was any chance of something in my left, or it coming back, I wanted them both removed and everything else around to give me the best chance to see my babies growing up. I would even have it done now, after chemo etc, if it was allowed and gave me more of a chance. But cos have liver mets, I had to have chemo straight away, and not sure if an option now. Has to be your decision, but I would go for double without a doubt. I also wanted bigger boobs, like 34DD or something, as mine not that big.

Thanks for asking about my appointment today too. Was only routine, didn’t see my onc (he is on hols again), but saw lady one. She said gotta have ultrasound next week to see how boobs responding to chemo, but have to wait til end of chemo for scan on liver to see how that responding. Asked if can have liver resection or ablation, but said need to wait to see how tumours have taken to treatment. So won’t know till end Nov probably. She was amazed though at how well I am on FEC, as had no probs or sickness at all. Asked about tax, and she said first one is the worst and normally feel like been hit by double decker bus, but she said maybe I might not, as done so well on FEC. So spose that is good and hopefully I won’t be “hit” too badly!! She is also going to sort out my DLA application and DS1500 form for it and my cricital illness claim which is waiting for my onc to send full report back. So hopefully she will do that this week. Apart from that nothing really to report.

Hope you are OK though and let me know how you get on with your first Taxotere session. Good luck and hope you are OK with it.


Hi Dawn

Shame you didn’t find out a bit more today, always waiting for the next instalment aren’t we? You’ve done really well with your FEC, I found it quite rough - esp #2. God I am dreading the Tax - so many people have been discussing the nasty side effects…watch this space!!!

I am really coming round to the idea of a double mast - surprising how you change your outlook isn’t it? I have heard people opting to do that before and I thought it would be the most horrendous thing and I would never ever consider it…but really there IS no dilemma - Life -versus- vanity is all it is, and to be honest after breast feeding 2 children I reckon it would be an improvement anyway - LOL! Also at least I would have matching pair at the end of it all!

Hope your ultrasound has some positive news. Keep us posted.
Love and hugs

Hi Ali and Dawn

So pleased Ali that your tumour has shrunk, it is great to have some positive news. But I know what it is to be told that a mastectomy one or both is like as told last friday that even though having chemo 1st to try to reduce surgery need, showed up on MRI that there were a lot of suspicious cells around the rest of the breast so they may recommend full mastectomy, like you I think it is better to get rid as much as possible any risk of it coming back, want to see my 3yr old grow up. Like Dawn I also wouldn’t mind a ‘bigger’ pair, I have always been flat chested, so may as well get some perk, we surely deserve something after what we are going through. My thoughts at the beginning were so dark about mastectomy but now ‘I think’ at the mo it really doesn’t bother me. I hope we are all hear for a long time and anything that helps lets go for it. How can you be vain about an A cup, and only had that since my 3yr old born, was a double AA before!! Said to the Onc Doc, only had boobs, small but boobs for 3 yrs and now you want to take away!! So may as well try to get something back.

Dawn - wishing you so well, and good luck with the ultra sound next week, thoughts are with you, I will e-mail soon as OH has shown me how to send attachments, but chemo mush, and need to ask again, You take care and thanks for all your support.

Ali - You make the best decision for you. All here for you and take care.



Hi Julie
Thanks for your comments. I reckon I will go with the double, even though I was quite attached (!) to my boobs (mine went to 40DD when pregnant - now back to 38D). But can’t see the point in having an odd pair…instead of constantly asking my OH ‘Does my bum look big in this?’ I would always be asking ‘Does this one look bigger than the other one’!!!

Hi Ali

Love the humour! I’m hoping for Wow I can now find a bra that fits!!! Can’t believe some so called enhancing bra’s START at a B cup!! Surely A or AA cups need it!! so may be I can shop for a bra a lot more easily. No more teenage training bra’s!! Good luck with having help in getting that “Oh so perfect pair”! Go for it. LOL.

Take care,




Hi Ali,

Sorry I didnt catch up last night but just wanted to say I am so so pleased its shrinking! And I agree entirley with your thoughts about the whole life versus vanity…I think If it were me then I would go for it but like alot of the ladies on here who are having mastectomy everyones thoughts are different.

Glad to hear the good news continuing.

Love Lynne.x

a few comments for what they are worth:

I had a right mastectomy in July. I had big boobs, 36DD.

When I learnt about it, my immediate reaction was “take them both out”. To me, on one side there is the further risk that is then lowered, on the other I prefer a smaller recon on both sides, rather than going around loopsided or having one recon “big boob” solidly there, and the other a droopy 40 yrs old one… if you see what I mean.

My doc said that the operation would be lots more invasive and recovery longer. Also, the depth of the operation is different: during the cancer mastectomy there is a nodes involvment that is not required for the other side. I have also spoken with the plastic surgeon, who confirmed all this. At the time of recon, during the same operation they will take out the glandular tissue in the other breast, and put implants in both (what kind, and so on, to be determined later).

Admittedly, I am aiming a B size, not a DD… after a life of not finding pretty bras, I’ll be able to go around bra-less. Can’t wait.

Hi All

You are making me laugh with your comments about your boobs. It is a very hard decision to make, but think we all know the end result has to be prolonging our lives and if it means boobies go then think that there is no contest, well for me anyway. Wanna see Sophie and Jack go to school and grow up. Not sure whether surgery is an option for me though as I said.

Wow - 36DD and 40DD - now they are seriously big. Me, well only little 34B, although was 34C/36C when pregnant both times. Didn’t breastfeed Sophie, we failed miserably, but managed with Jack, although only for about 2 weeks as he wanted to stay there for hours and wasn’t feasible with Sophie!! Would def. go for a 34CC or 34D I think, if have the option further down the line … but who knows.

Anyway, good luck ladies and keep the good news coming in. Hopefully one day i will have some too!!! LOL

Take care

Big - Im a 34F…

And how I wish I had small boobs! so my WLE made no obvious size difference at all…