It's finally here

Starting radiotherapy later at royal surrey hospital Was diagnosed march ths year After 3 lumpectomy
S finally i have my first session Hopefully after 3 weeks i .can draw a line under all this x

Good luck Suzie !!!



Hello and welcome.  There is a September 2017 radiotherapy thread where you will get loads of support from the ladies on there and I will be starting an October one soon.


Hope it went well today.


Helena xxx

I’ve got my initial appointment with the Radiologist this Friday ready for treatment after my last chemo on 10th October so I’ll really look forward to the forthcoming threads Helena as that will help so much…

Hello Susie.


i know how you feel.  I had four operations, diagnosed back at the start of April.  Just had second rad today.  Like you, looking forward to three weeks time.  Everyone at the unit I go to is very nice.