Its my birthday

Hello All,

Its my 50th birthday on Wednesday and the people I work with cannot understand why I’m not excited. I’ve got the day off work, my husband is off too. We might go out for lunch( I’m at the dentist in the morning- another thing people are surprised at- dentist on your birthday) or my husband might cook me a meal. I really cannot get excited. I fully expect to see my desk decorated, photos of me scattered around the building when I go back in on Thursday but I’d rather they didn’t do it and they don’t understand.
Many years ago a girl I used to work with had been diagnosed with cancer and had all the treatment. On her birthday I said to her wasn’t she excited about her birthday and I said something about nearly reaching the big 40- and she said that she was just glad to be alive and now I know what she means.

Does anyone else feel the same?


Hi Hazel

Happy birthday for Wednesday and good luck at the dentist.I have not had a birthday since being diagnosed but no what you mean about not being happy, I feel that way about Xmas. I turned 50 last birthday and it was not as bad as I thought!
Best wishes

Hi Hazel and Hilary

I had a fab 50th birthday, probably because it was 11 months prior to my diagnosis. My 51st was just another day, glad to be alive.

Happy Birthday for Wednesday.


Hi Hazel

Can totally relate to you! I was first diagnosed when I was 40 and then diagnosed with secondaries when I was 50 (2 years ago) so my milestone birthdays haven’t been much to celebrate one way or another plus I was on chemo for my 50th!!!

I’m looking forward to my 53rd which is right at the beginning of January - naff time to have a birthday!


Hi Pinkdove
I know what you mean about it being a naff time to have a birthday. Mine is between christmas and new year but at least some people forget it so to a lot of my friends I am still about 28!!! Will you be having a party?
Take care

Just do what you want to do and enjoy what you can! Up until my diagnosis 3 weeks ago, I’d been telling people that I was dreading my 50th (I’m just 48!) but now I shall be thanking God if I get to celebrate it.
So enjoy being spoilt or pampered and take pleasure in the little things if the big ones are too much to cope with.
Love Gill x

Happy Birthday Hazel !

Sending you a big hug on your day - celebrate it doing whatever makes you happy. Know exactly what you mean, as I can’t get excited about my birthday and Christmas since dx in the same way as other folk seem to - it’s the simple things that bring the greatest joy to me now and these are the best gifts. Pamper yourself ( after the dentist ) and celebrate with your loved one (s) After dealing with bc you truly know how to be thankful for each day - 50 is a milestone for your colleagues and they probably want to show you how much they care - but WE all know that everyday is special !

Love Seren XXX

oops! Hazel

Happy birthday tomorrow - can tell my mind hasn’t caught up with my fingers yet !!


Happy Birthday for tomorrow Hazel!

Celebrate in the way you want to.

I had my 52nd during rads but still managed to enjoy it in a quiet way. Have just had my 53rd and again a quiet way was OK for me. People wanted me to go out but I was happy to stay in and enjoy a drink (well more than one) and a meal cooked by my hubby.

Every day is special now.

Margaret x

Hi Hilary

Probably just go out for a meal with a whole lot of friends, plus our son will still be at home before he goes back to uni.

I’m not bothered about getting older now - weird what a diagnosis of cancer does to you! I’d much rather be here celebrating another birthday even if it is at New Year.

Love Pinkdove

Happy birthday for tomorrow Hazel. Personally I shall have a big celebration on my 50th (now 45) as it will mean I have survived five years.

Hi Hazel, i just had my 45th in september, just spent the day with the hubby and then the kids in the evening, nice and quiet thats all i wanted, have a great day tomorrow, forget everyone else, just enjoy it with your hubby

lots of love


Happy Birthday for tomorrow Hazel. Think off the fun you will have next year!!!

Happy Birthday!

I celebrated (and I mean celebrated!) mine just 2 weeks after my first chemo, back in July and just as my hair had all but come out, and I had such a good time. I was so happy to be on the way to recovery and, although so close to diagnosis I was really happy to be alive.

I hope you have a really lovely day.

Cecelia. x

Thank you all for your best wishes. I’m sure that I will have an enjoyable day. Lets hope that the dentist looks kindly upon me!!!

I must add that the people I work with are lovely but they are the type that would celebrate the opening of a paperbag- they like to party big time!!! but its a bit wasted on me. Its traditional to have a presentation for big birthdays, I can cope with the pictures and decorated desk but its the presentation I’m dreading, just in case I break down.

Thank you all

Love Hazel

Hello Hazel
Happy birthday and good luck at the dentist.
Best wishes

Happy birthday Hazel!!!

Here’s to loads more!! Pity there aren’t any of those happy little smiling things that I can post on here for you!

Love Pinkdove :slight_smile:

Happy b’day for today.
I have been diagnosed almost a year now so I’ve had one birthday.
It just went like no other day. And I didn’t mind. I was feeling unwell from chemo then still though. But no, I don’t see it as such a big deal. Every day is special, especially when you’ve had a diagnosis. Actually, special because; yes I am still here. And I would like to be make a fuss of more then once a year!!! . But also special because every day brings his own struggles. Why is it a special day on your birth days (unless you are under 25).

Or am I turing in an old grump?

Anyway. I do hope you get a bit of that special feeling. And then the people you love will make you feel special for all the days of the year!!! Because you are!!!

Hi Hazel

Hope your birthday went okay for you ,I can relate to how youn were feeling as today it is my youngest’s son birthday he is 18. He has had a good day away to celebrate at our annual Cricket Christmas Quiz. I was happy to be celebrating fir him but I couldn’t stop the thoughts from entering my head ( I hope I’m here to celebrate my daughter’s 18th in 2 years time.

I hate that this disease takes away everything we’ve taken for granted.
hope your day was surrounded with love

Heather. XXXXXX