It's my birthday!

Well today is my birthday! I must admit this isn’t quite how I’d envisaged celebrating it, but as my elder daughter said at least I’ve got a birthday to celebrate and she’s right, I need to be grateful for that. I think I get my results next Tuesday, I bet I’ll get my official letter through the post today amongst my birthday cards! :smileyhappy: xx

Wishing you a very happy birthday xx hope you are feeling well x big hug

Very Happy Birthday Jencat!!! Xx

Happy birthday Jencat. Sunny in Scotland (for a change) . Enjoy your day xxx

Happy birthday Jencat!xxx
I had my birthday party the same week I got my results!!! It was a charity event and 90 people were coming so I couldnt cancel! I somehow got through it with a mask and Prosecco!!! X



Happy Birthday Jencat ! xxx

Happy birthay jencat 


Debbie xx

Ooo happy birthday!!!
It was my birthday on Saturday, again not quite how I expected it to be this year!
Hope you have had a lovely day so far, tea and cakes is always good!

Happy birthday JenCat! I had radiotherapy on my birthday, felt like attaching balloons! Xx

Happy birthday! 

I’ve just realised how many times I used the word really! I think my brain’s gone a bit mushy! Maybe it’s because I’m a year older! :smileyhappy: xx