It's not all bad


I have been using this website since October when my mum was diagnoised with BC and I have found it very helpful chatting to other people, it really has helped me get through this difficult time.

I know forums are for people to express there grief, sadness and worries but I wanted to post this to let people know that it isn’t all bad.

My mum was diagnoised with BC on October and within 3 weeks she had had her CT Scan, MRI Scan and Bone Scan which, thank goodness all came back clear. She then had her left breast fully removed. She healed very well after her operation and found the only thing that was very uncomfortable was the drains especially when she got one of the tubes wrapped around the kitchen chair and without realising walked off and pulled them, that really hurt, bless her.

She had her 2nd chemo last Wednesday and up until yesterday when she had an awful taste in her mouth she has led her life as normal. Yes she gets tired more quickly but luckily she is in the situation where there is only herself and my dad at home so she can rest as and when she needs to.

She has now fully lost her hair, I cannot tell you how scared I was of seeing her with no hair but to be honest it wasn’t that bad and she actually looks OK. I have been joking with her that I am going to buy her some fake tan for her head as it is so white.

She has 4 more chemo’s to go through and then 4 weeks of radiotherapy so she has a long way to go but I wanted to let you know that yes everyone deals with their treatment differently but there is hope, just look at my mum.


Hi Lara

What a lovely post, your mum is very lucky to have a loving caring daughter like you. Support from family and friends through this journey makes all the difference. Love the kitchen chair story - ouch :0)

I wish you and your mum all the best for the future.

Love Anne x

Hi Lara,

Like a lot of the ladies on here I have already been through all the same treatments your mum is having. I’m glad to hear she is coping well and that she has a lot of support. It makes a big difference if you know you can rely on help on your bad days.

Most people find it does tend to get a bit harder as you go on and the effects of the treatments build up. It will be quite normal if she gets a bit worse before she gets better. I thought that when my treatments finished I could just get back to normal but it takes time to recover too. Your mum will need lots of support and I’m sure she’s very glad to have you. A bit of fun definitely helps so keep up the jokes.

I wish your mum a good outcome and hope her treatments keep going smoothly. Jan xx