I've Done It!

This past 4 days has been a real challenge for me as my OH had to go away for a few days due to family circumstances. I was really nervy and snappy in the lead up to this as I have not been on my own since dx last October; I think I was worried I would dwell on things. 10 days ago OH asked if I wanted him to cancel his trip, but I said no, I had to face things on my own at some stage and as it was nearly a year now was as good a time as any.

Well, I’ve made it and I’m in one piece. I have kept myself busy with loads of stuff that had fallen by the wayside when I was ill, plus done stuff for OH’s new business. I’ve also taken myself out shopping as I realised every time I had been out in the past year it was always with someone. I have actually really enjoyed myself! I’ve even slept very soundly.

OH gets back tomorrow lunchtime and I am going to the airport to meet him then hopefully off to an art exhibition and a nice meal. I can’t wait as I’m missing him now and I’m getting quite excited at seeing him again! I must calm down lol!

Hi Cherub

Well done you!!!

I was the same when my hubby had to start back on nights.
I wondered how I would manage to look after 2 kids and myself, as for such a long time there has always been someone there with me.

Looking back I didn’t realise it, but no-one would let me be on my own, and I have to say its nice to have the time on my own now - Hubby and 2 kids are at football at the moment, and I have been here on my own all afternoon getting tea ready, tidying up and not having to listen to the telly playing away to itself or the kids squabbling!!!

Better make the most of it as the are due back in 10 Min’s!!!

Take care