i've had enough!!!!

i’ve had enough!!!

i’ve had enough!!! Hi all
Normally i’m a very positive person (most the time) BUT i really have had enough. Why can’t pople speak to each other so you get the same advice & answers to questions & not get different people telling you different things.
First i end up having 2 WLE & a bilateral for what was first dx as DCIS, all because someone made ‘a mistake’ by who & why i am yet to find out!!! Then i end up with a hematoma (another op), only to be told by my surgeon ‘i havn’t had one of those in ages, it must be your luck’ well it feels like i don’t have any.
Then while getting my prothesis fitted yesterday, i just happened to mention recon, she told me to ring my bcn to get the ball rolling, which i did today.
My bcn wasn’t in so i spoke to another, only to be told that the plastic surgeon will not even see me before a year post treatment Sept '08 & my recon at the earliest will be march '09. This is totally conflicting to what i had been told before, first it was 6 months post treatment, then 1 year, now 18 months. I am so so mad i just want to scream, rant, swear at everyone who has mislead to me over the past few months. I now have no faith in anyone that is treating me & i feel like anything they tell me could be a waste of time, because i wont know if they are telling me the whole story or not!!!
Sorry to rant, but i really needed to get this out of my system.
Time for a very large glass of red wine, do you know i think i will have the bottle!!
Louise xxxxx

Dear Louise I am sorry to read that you have had such conflicting advice which can be confusing and frustrating. Please feel free to contact our freephone confidential helpline on 0808 800 6000 where you can discuss your situation and concerns with a member of our helpline team.

The helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

Kind regards
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Hi Louise,

Oh swear and rant away, I did and still do, I first presented at the BC with a small lump which took 2 months to diagnose and in that time grew from 2cm to 8cm so ended up having to have emergency mastectomy 21st Dec 05 and like you my surgeon told me that treatment and recon would all take roughly 12 months. So while I was P*ssed off at the above and my appearance I thought 12 months would soon come round.

I think it was when I was nearing the end of chemo and I asked my Onc about ref to the plastic surgeon and she advised it was far too early and that procedure was 12 months after rads, I was so upset, then I got angry, when I had my first year checkup (which I had to chase) I questioned the surgeon and he tried to back track, but I know he has said the same to other woman. I eventually finished rads 2.10.06 as I had delays with starting both chemo and rads due to mis communication at the 2 hospitals I attend and finally got to see the plastic surgeon 3 weeks ago, however what really peeves me more is the fact he is fully booked until the end of Oct, so when I called his secretary last week the first date they can pencil me in for is the 31st Oct. This all started for me on the 10.10.05 when I first went to my GP after finding my lump, so I class it at 2 years. Its crap isn’t it, pour me a glass too.


i feel for you i just want to come and give you a big hug,

i haven’t had the same problems as you but have had information that i didn’t agree with and so sort a second opinion as i had no faith in my onc so please please see someone else too. you should have complete faith in the people that are treating you - this is the most serious thing you will have to deal with in your life and you should have trust in your team.

when i sought my second opinion i felt as though a weight had been lifted from me.

i truly hope everything works out for you.

big hugs

kaylou x

CONFLICTING INFO hi just wanted to let you know i can appreciate how frustrated you are feeling and i just invite all my friends to join me on my hampster wheel !! as if you have ever had a hampster you will appreciate how they go round and round and in the night the noise that wheel makes is horrendous just like that noise in our heads.
I also had lots of conflicting info off 2 diff consultants the main one being that i wouldonly ever grow a grade 1 cancer in the future when i have repeated this to my own onc the breast cancer help line and others nobody had come across it and i have ended up doing my own resaerch! and have discovered it comes under genetic profiling but is still relatively new research. but it has made me realise that no two consultants work the same or even off the same research!!
anyway enough rambling think i will join you in a glass of red wine as i have got quite good at drinking it on the hampster wheel and dont even waste a drop! just fall over a little bit when i get off for a rest and thats another story hee hee !!!

take care and good luck with decisions
mandy x x x

Count me in with the red wine.

My story is not about recon but I have been fed some b*ll over the last 3 years. I wont bore you with it now…

There isnt a huge amount of continuation and it’s hard to live with on top of everything else, making life m ore difficult than it need be.

Sometimes they dont tell us what they should for fear it will upset, rather than tell us and be done with it. I have heard of recon being done a while after end of treatment many, many times so it must be fairly standard - so why not tell people up front?

Take care,

Steph x

Cheers Thanks for the support
Well must have had a glass of red wine for every person on this site last night, feeling not to bad today considering.
The one thing that frustrates me more than anything is maybe if i’d been given the truth at the time i would not have had my healthy boob removed, but i would have waited until recon & had it done at the same time. Now i am left with no boobs at all for two years instead of the one year i’d been told previous. Sorry i’m still ranting!!!
So i’ve got to look forward to two years of high neck tops, fullcup unsexy bras & swimsuits that look like there out of the dark ages!!!
I remember the bcn saying ‘you’ll still be the same person on the inside’ Well i’m not, the confident, fun loving, up for anything person
has taken a hike, to be left with a angry, frustrated person that doesn’t want to go out & party anymore!!!
More wine needed i think
Louise xxxxx