ive had my appointment

ive had my appointment

ive had my appointment Hi all x
I had my appointment this afternoon and the dr said that she believes my lumps and bumps are pregnancy related and she gave me an ultrasound and said that all she could see was dense tissue which was a relief, but just to make sure she done a biopsy but she expects the results to be clear. I will be called friday with the results.
As she put it the biopsy was to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.
I am so relieved but I can say one thing for sure and that is that I admire every single one of you guys. Since the start when I found my lump I have been so scared and this website has given me the support I really needed.
Everyone is going through their own worries and troubles yet you are all still on hand to give advice and support where needed.

This has opened my eyes and in future I am going to do my bit to help, be it put money in the collections outside stores or ‘try’ and run, whatever it takes to do my bit.
I would like to send you all a really BIG HUG and I will stay on the site to keep uptodate with things.

thankyou all everyone so much and I wish you all the best xx
with all my heart

Hi Lisa

I’m so pleased for you, that’s great news.

Lynn x

So happy for you Lisa, thanks for letting us know how it went.

Enjoy your pregnancy - I have a daughter your age and wish she’d hurry up and make me a granny!


Yayyyyyy Lisa… that’s excellent news.

I know how you feel about people being so helpful when they have their own worries…

I have marvelled at the courage and determination of woman like this since having contact with them when my mum was diagnosed.

i too swore to do my “bit” to help, and this year I just ran (not walked) RAN the race for Life, and in doing so raised £545 for cancer research!!

And if you knew me you’d understand why that was such an achievement… i am SO not a runner!!! I have two left feet!!!

I too take my hat off to all of you!!