Jan 2012 Surgery Buddies

Hi ladies

I know debh has surgery on 17th. Do all of those with surgery this month want to ‘virtually’ hold one another’s hands as we go through that this month? I have an MX (no recon) on Thursday 19th. Will be posting from my hospital bed as I have an iPhone…oh the wonders of modern technology!

Hugs to all

Twinky68 x x

Hi Twinky68
Iam having surgery on the 19th also,WLE and axillary clearence.
Will be thinking of everyone.
Good luck

Wire localisation 16th Jan
Lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy 17th Jan
Home on the 18th…
Good luck to everyone else …my virtual hand is all ready to hold…

Mx and recon with implant 14th
Virtual hugs and hand holding at the ready …


MX on the 12th Jan for me
Had 2 ops already. Going for 3rd time lucky hope you don’t mind if I join you.


I’m also on the 19th, having mx and lymph nodes removed so would love to buddy-up with everyone else.

Hi, I’m having WLE and lymph node excision on 17th, would love to hold virtual hands and cheer everyone on.

Welcome Ladies…big hugs all round I think x BerthaB is first off on the 12th which is next Thursday by my reckoning. Keep us all updated with your progress. Anyone had surgery already this year?

Twinky x x

Good evening Ladies

Have mx on the 10th with reconstruction planned at later date. Hope to be in and out as quick as possible as I just can’t stand Hospitals at the best of times.

Hug to you all


Ooh Alanaa, you beat me! I’m for mx on pm of the 12th with an SNB.

Yes, virtual holding hands please all next week for everyone going through surgery etc.

Love and xxxx

Would love to join you all. Having mx with lymph node excision on 23rd. Virtual hugs and hand holding to all January Surgery buddies.

Hello Di

believe you me I am not eager to be at the front of the line but at least it will be over and done with soon.


Hi Alanaa,

Yes I agree, but it’s better to get rid of this horrible thing. I’ve put my trust completely in the surgical team who I think are wonderful.
I’m looking down the tunnel to 18 months from now when I can have a recon. Think I’m going to have a TRAM flap (I think that’s the procedure). I look at it as having a tummy tuck at the same time! Lol!

Good luck everyone xx

Hi Ladies

Lots of hugs for those who start their surgery this week:

Alanaa on 10th
Newc43 & Bertha B on 12th
Lelly61 on 14th

Keep us posted with your progress and for those having to wait another week…keep your chin up, we’re nearly there x


All the best for tomorrow Alanaa, we’ll be thinking of you :slight_smile:

hi i had lumpectomy and SNB last wednesday the 4th Jan,so good luck to all those waiting xx

i would like to join you all, diagnosed 20/12 had mri 28/12 and saw consultant 05/01 who said it had spread to lymph nodes.
having full mx and node clearance then chemo and rads,havn’t got a date but will be in the next 3 weeks so in jan.hope you are all keeping chins up as much as you can debbie x

Hi Angel18…hope you’re healing nicely x and welcome to Debbie (Mollie43). Some of us still have a bit of a wait and mixed feelings (wanting it to be over but not wanting it to be done if you know what I mean…lol). Deep breath & lots of hugs. Don’t forget to come back here after surgery to let us know you’re ok and give advice. I shall be posting from my hospital bed (lol wonders of modern technology) so up to the minute details for anyone wanting to follow a simple (surgeon’s words not mine) mastectomy & aux clearance.


Twinky x x

Diagnosed 20th December and I’ve a lumpectomy and SNB scheduled for 17th Jan.

This websire/forum has been a godsend to me so far (diagnosed 20th December)and eveyone is so supportive. So I’d like to join in the vitual hand holding and good luck to everyone waiting.