January Gemstones 2015 (January starters not on Facebook)

Hi lovelies,


I am starting chemo in January and have noticed that all of the recent threads about Jan/post Christmas starters have been joining a Facebook group instead.


I am not on Facebook, and really don’t know too much about it, mainly because I have avoided it throughout my life.  Also, I have learned so much about BC and treatments from this forum, that I think a private FB group has a place (100%), but don’t want to deny new women joining this horrid experience the opportunity to learn from ours, in a helpful and informative way.


I am 43 years old, no kids, diagnosed in Septemper with IDC, 3/16 lymp nodes involved, grade 2 - feel sh*t* and lonely, even though partner/family/friends so great.


Would love to connect and share with women going through the same at the same time to provide safe and supportive network on this forum.


Obviously, women on FB are MORE than welcome, it is just less exclusive on this forum I hope. 






p.s. January Gemstones because gemstones are all unique, which all we lovely women are.  XX

Hi Su,
Just thought I would reply as I am going through chemo at the mo, half way through and the other half in Jan / Feb and like you am not a Facebook person and don’t have any intention off ?? .

I am 54 diagnosed July - mastectomy in August, returned 5 wks later for lymph nodes removal (sentinel and 1 infected) and now going through Chemo Fec T -so if you have any questions please fire away and I will do my best.
Loneliness is not good especially on bad day’s and bad weather and you’re message helped me to say I am not all alone in these feelings?

Have a lovely Christmas Eve

Honey d

Hi, im joining the fb page,  but like you have found so much information and support here am still hanging out here too.

Had my surgery 12thdec, so im not due to see the Onc till mid january.  The head nurse rang on christmas eve to let me know I was on their list and gave me a phone number to call if I felt panicky.

At the moment im at the doing my stretches wishing I could swim stage . 

Im 45 , 2 girls, very supportive partner and whole community really, but here we know how it feels on the inside. 

Mine came back as grade 3 her2 +,  5cm tumour. No spread. Looking at herceptin as its aggressive, so it goes with chemo.


Going to be quite a year for us.

Xxx stretchy post op hugs. 


Hi Sandie,


You are a better woman than me!  I am not planning or worrying about any meals, just leaving it to the OH.


Your story sounds like it was complicated along the way, but you will get there in the end as will we all.


Hi Alice, thanks for popping in and showing your support, nice to hear from somebody further along - I hope all continues to go well for you (and that the grumpy shoulder starts behaving!).


I try to use my arm as normally as possible and then do additional stretches - the thing I find most annoying is the feeling that I get that makes feels like a wire coat hanger has been shoved in my armpit - it makes me feel sick if I think about it too much :mantongue: It’s is very unpleasant!


Happy new year to all of you reading this thread.


Su X

Hi Lovely January Gemstone Ladies 


Please can I join you on here?  I do have an FB account, but would prefer to keep using the information on here as I have found it helpful so far.


My background- I am 42 no kids of my own, two stepchildren (17 and 20 so hardly children!), wonderful husband, family and friends who are all so supportive.  I was referred by GP - eventually - early November then had mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy on 24/11… results on 27/11 showed BC so WLE and SN removal followed on 5/12.  Results of surgery on 12/12 were really good… clear margins and clear nodes but tumour was 21mm and grade 3 so decision was made for chemo (6 x FEC), radio and as I am ER+ Tamoxifen for 10 years after that.


I am having portacath fitted on 14/01 then chemo due to start straight after that (just waiting for exact date).


What a journey we all have in the next few months… but lets stay positive… support each other…share experiences… and most importantly win this battle 


Lou xx

Hi Lou and welcome to the BCC forums

Along with the support you will find here our helpliners are on hand for you, please feel free to call for further practical and emotional support on 0808 800 6000 weekdays 9-5 and Sat 10-2

Here’s a link to the treatments area of the site where you will find lots of information and further support ideas such as our ‘Live chat’ and ‘Someone like you’ which I hope you will find helpful :


Take care
Lucy BCC

Hello all, first posting and new to all this, I have been doing an ostrich and avoiding anything beforehand to do with chemo, but I had my first FEC today and now I’m home and looking at bags of drugs and leaflets and think I might need some questions answered, not now but when some weird things start happening !!
Can I join the January Chemo FB page please !!!
Many thanks all, Pauline

Hi Lou,


The ‘days off’ are from BC - not housework or chores, they never seem to end!


Sue, I had WLE first, then when sentinel node came back positive with marcromet, I had node clearance 5 weeks later.  Results were total of 3/16 positive.  I’m wondering if your sentinel node had isolated cancer cells rather than an established cancer like mine?  I understand that they don’t do complete node clearance unless they really have to.  It is a yuck operation Sue, so I hope this was the case for you. Also, welcome to the thread.


Susan8574, the FB group is joined by posting in the Post Xmas starters thread, which can be found further down the monthly Chemotherapy threads - good luck and obviously feel free to share and get support from this thread too.


Welcome Pauline, sorry you too have to join this thread too.  I hope the treatment today was not too bad or overwhelming - I am dreading the start, but at the moment I am dreading the PICC line being fitted more, which is a welcome distraction from the actual treatment.  The FB group can be joined by posting in the tread I mention above to Susan 8574.  I set up this thread only because I am not on FB, but would still like to share/support and hopefully get support on this forum.


Love Su.



Hi all

Like you I am not on FB and would love to join this group. 

My story so far diagnosed in August  ( after being referred for a mamogram by genitist following my sister’s diagnosis in 2013 no lump felt) Stage 3 invasive in L breast 9mm lump. No nodes involved - due to family History bi lateral mastectomy with a an immediate diep reconstruction. Chemo to begin 14th January e-cmf for 26 weeks . is anyone else on this type of chemotherapy? 


A journey we are on but definitely do not want to take!



Hi all,


Had my meeting with chemo nurse today, bloods etc all done and 1st chemo planned for 15th, portacath is being fitted on the 14th and just waiting for a date for echo… all feeling very real now, but the sooner I start the sooner it will be over.  

I have decided to give the cold cap a try… if I hate it then i won’t bother again but thought I would at least try and see how I get on… hear such mixed reports on how bad it is, some reports say it is ok others say unbearable so I guess like all treatment it is a very individual thing.  I have tried to mentally prepare for the hair loss though and if needed it will be hats, scarves and a smile for me too.


I hope you ladies are all doing well in the run up to treatment starting, I must admit I am finding it hard to stay focussed on work at the moment although I am trying to use it as a distraction. 


Su - good luck for tomorrow, hope all goes well :slight_smile:


Love Lou xx

Hi, lovely ladies in the January Gemstones. I was a member of the 2014 January Newbies. I just wanted to give you my love and to wish you all the luck in he world. Go kick cancers butt xXx

Hi everyone ? i start my chemo on the 16th. Had a mastectomy 5 dec with node clearance. Have grade 3 and i am having FEC-T. Thought it would be a good idea to join this thread x

Hi ladies, i am from April 2014 thread and had Fec-t followed by surgery afterwards, i worked through all my treatment as wanted to keep my life normal if possible- i had chemo on thursdays, took friday off and following monday and managed ok, everyone is different and its personal choice, but it helped me!
Good luck everyone, it does go by very quickly believe it or not!

Hi ladies, thinking of you all and those of you starting chemo this week. Off to meet the wig lady on monday not sure how I feel about that. Had a chat with my 13yr old son, explained the poss side effects and that the hair loss was fast approaching to which he replied ‘mum it doesnt matter if you end up with no hair - you will still be the same person inside’ Thought id share his words of wisdom with you all as it put a smile on my face x x x

Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and I’m a bit unsure as to what to ask so here goes. I was diagnosed in oct with stage 2 , hormone receptive, grade 3 invasive breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy in dec . The results show clearance in my lymph nodes and the surrounding tissue which is encouraging. I was advised to have chemo (FEC) due to the grade of cancer. My chemo is due to start this Friday and I’m feeling very emotional as it’s the unknown. Can I ask for your hints , tips and experiences as to what to expect please. Thank you x

Hi Lou, hope it goes/went well this morning.  I think my ECG was different to Sarah’s, all over body one, little sticky things all over my body.


Welcome Emu, sorry you had to join and sorry about your diagnosis.  You are in good company, all of us in this thread are starting chemo this month (apart from the lovely ladies who started earlier but pop in occasionally to give us advice and wish us well).


Myself, Sarah (Shennar) and Crystalbella also start this Friday, I am starting with FEC then moving on to T after three cycles.  I know it is scary, but we will have our friends, family and each other to lean on on what may not be such a bumpy ride.


Emu, I found it useful to read through the threads of women who started earlier, e.g. April or July, then you get a good idea of the side effects and issues that may or may not effect you.


Big hugs





Hello ladies, popping in from the April thread to wish you all the very best with your chemo! I started on Fec-T over 18 weeks before surgery, all of us on the thread had different experiences, some better than others- it is manageable and the chemo unit can give you medication for every symptom, so please dont put up with it!
The morning of my first chemo i was terrified , i sat trembling in the waiting room, the actual procedure is nothing to fear at all- totally painless and the Fec takes about 40 mins to administer thats all! Everyone in the unit was chatty and kind and all us ladies having the Chemo sat around chatting in armchairs whilst being “poisoned!”, my lovely chemo nurse said dont think of it as poison, but as the " good stuff" that will do its job in seeing off the cancer! Fear of the unknown is worse than the actual procedure.
Good luck ladies!

Please feel free to ask me anything, more than happy if i can be of any help! I found this forum to be a lifeline and still is now! All the very best!! X

Hi Emu,


You are welcome, that’s what we are here for - to help  each other.  I am as scared as you, but as you will see from the other threads, and the lovely ladies that pop on here from earlier threads, it is all manageable.  I too will have the injections, I have been told 8 injections each cycle, starting the day after each dose.  I am going to learn how to do them myself rather than waiting in each day for the district nurse.  Are you have a PICC line or other typle of line inserted?  I am terrified of having my Grosheng line fitted on Thursday, but have learned from this forum that it is a godsend in the long run.  Don’t worry too much, and look here for support as much as you need it.


Hi Lou,


You sound very prepared, I am being a bit rubbish, and today I woke up the mother of all colds (overnight! seriously? - how does that happen?) And the worst period I have had in memory - I think that my body is objecting to being the last period I may ever have!  You have put me to shame and I am going to go and buy some bits tomorrow - thanks for the kick up me jacksy. :womanhappy:


Hi Sue,


Thanks for the name of the mouthwash, duly noted!


Hi Sandra - you are not alone. X


Hi Lovewine - Thanks again for the information and offer of help to us.


Hugs to all






p.s. I’m off to hug my hot water bottle now and drink my Lemsip.   :womansad:




Hi Emu, Im having chemo on Fri and have the injections too. Again for me its to do with the whole blood cell thing!
Ive also heard pinapple is good and the other day got a baby toothbrush! Ginger biscuits on my list tomorrow - dont need to be asked twice to buy biscuits!! x x