January Gemstones 2015 (January starters not on Facebook)

Just wanted to share a quote I heard today ladies… Always remember, at the end of every storm is a rainbow… Never give up … How lovely xxxx

Hi Emma frozen pinapple - I want some! Will have a look on Thurs.
Ive also cut my hair shorter ladies in prep and picked up my wig yesterday which is lovely but how weird is wig shopping???! Never imagined doing that!
Had a migraine all day and felt sick - think the stress and worry of Friday has finally built up. Keep telling myself that if all you lovely ladies can do this I can too! Thining of you all , Shell x x

Hi all,


Will be going to Tesco for some frozen pineapple, thanks for the tip!


Lou good luck with the Portacath tomorrow, I’m sure you don’t need it. Equally, good luck with first chemo.


I am worried that my stinking cold is going to delay my treatment, I have gone ahead with my pre chemo/pre Groshong Line Insertion bloods today, but can’t see them going ahead - will let you all know.


Emu - good luck with Pre-Chemo, please let me know what they say about drinking a well stewed cuppa.


Sandra and others that bit the bullet and went for a short haircut - I am waiting till I have to :womansad:  Wish I was as brave as some of you.  XX  Good luck Sandra. X


I bought some Udderley Smooth Urea cream as recommended by Chemo nurse, availalble from Amazon.


Love and hugs to all of you.







Hello ladies, just back from my Pre chemo assessment, I can honestly say I feel relieved… The nurse was absolutely fantastic, she was so helpful and was very caring and interested in what my concerns were and she took her time with me… My hubby came along too as he had some questions to ask… She said with regards to the green tea debate they still cannot say for sure if it has an effect on the chemo but advised “if in doubt, leave it out” which I am going to do, normal tea and coffee is ok …I asked about anti sickness drugs as I have a phobia of vomiting and she will be making notes for the dr to look at and may possibly be having Emend initially, watch this space as they are keen to see how you go with the first dose of chemo before adjusting your meds… She said about the picc line and I may possibly have this fitted if my lovely veins start to play up… I had a look around the ward where chemo is given and I was actually shocked, it was such a happy environment and everyone including the patients spoke to me… She also advised if possible light exercise when I can…had bloods taken and ECG too … All in all I feel very happy and positive about fri… Keep smiling ladies… We will get through this …
Big hugs to you all,
Emma xxxx

Hi Emma,


Really glad it went well for you and thanks for the feedback re the green tea.


They have told me today that are going to go ahead with my Grosong Line fitting tomorrow despite having a cold - will let you all know how I get on.





Hi all you amazing ladies.


Sorry your 8 hour marathon session Marli - means to an end I guess. Love the gold star idea - so gonna do that!



Hi ladies,


Hope you are all well.  Good luck to all who start tomorrow, I’m sure we will be comparing notes after our first doses.


I had my Groshong Line fitted today, it took ages!  Staff were lovely, aside from my hair being matted with blood and a bit sore, I feel ok.


Onwards, upwards and forwards!





Hi lovelies


Well only 5 more to go…had my first FEC today and it went really well. I had Emend before we started and the mixture of wonderdrugs (as I have now decided this is what chemo is!) All in all about a litre a fluids went in…and yes I have got pink wee!!!

I have been left a mixture of anti sickness tablets and steroids for the next few days so all I can do now is wait and see.

The portacath is great, it was very sore yesterday, but the surgeon left the needle ready for today so that probably made it feel worse than it really was. Although the op took a lot longer than I expected (2 hours) and I was quite groggy this time.


Anyway onwards and upwards… good luck to all of you who are starting chemo tomorrow - stay positive 


Much love and hugs 

Lou xx

Hi lovlies!


Marli, I had local and sedation - it’s ok, not awful at all.  It is quite sore now though, but I think it is because I have a cold and am coughing and sneezing a lot - OUCH!   I 'm glad you are doing well without one, long may it continue.  XX


Lou - you must be so releived, well done.


Peta, thank you for popping in and giving us such useful information.


Good luck to those of us starting tomorrow.





Good luck to all the ladies for tomorrow - we can do this!
Su - sounds like today went well ? great to hear

Hi everyone, First FEC done… Not as bad as I thought… Lots of syringes, 8 in total so that was a bit scary… Felt only light headed during the session and slight nausea on the way home… Still feel light headed and nausea has kicked in so have taken some additional anti sickness tablets. Hopefully that will keep the nausea at bay… All in all I am feeling better than I thought I would… Big hugs and well done to all who started treatment … Emma xxxxx

Hi ladies, just wanted to chip in in response to Peta’s post. I have been on Tamoxifen for nearly 3 years following chemo and radio, I checked with 2 different oncologists and several pharmacists (including the hospital pharmacist) regarding interactions between Tamoxifen and grapefruit and all were quite clear that there were none. I was told any interactions legally have to be included with the instruction leaflet and the pharmacist should also make you aware, I dont know about during chemo, I was never told it was a banned food by my onc and I did ask, suggest you ask your medical team if you’re unsure. Hope you’re all coping well with treatment, it will be over before you know it. Take care CC x

Hello ladies, what a day and night!!.. Spoke too soon yesterday I think, started to have bad nausea at 2 pm ish then I took more meds to get on top of it, then I started vomiting at 6 pm to the point I couldn’t keep water down and brought my next set of meds straight back up… Phoned help line and ended up in hospital last night… I had injections to stop the vomiting and that worked almost straight away, had bloods taken and they came back normal, the dr seems to think I was sick due to not keeping on top of my meds bit I disagree… I have a phobia about vomiting and took all the meds as instructed… They said they will review my meds before next chemo cycle. Have eaten a weetabix this morning and kept it down so fingers crossed that’s it… Apart from that I’m still smiling xxxxxxx

Hi Sanrda (san1952)


How are you getting on after your recent dose?


Love Su



Hi ladies,
Su yes i did am ok thanks but have had a rough time. Had anti sickness but at 4pm it hit me! Ended up calling the help line after 8pm as couldnt keep tablets down and heart was pounding.
Still not able to eat much but managed a bit of fruit. Real shock to our systems I think.
Got to keep strong girls, one day at a time.
Hugs to u all x x x x

Hi su, no they just said to keep taking my meds. Luckily my temp was normal. She dis say to drink as much as poss, rest a lot and eat - or at least graze! She said a lot of ladies said salt and vinegar crisps help! Xxx

Thx emma, glad your feeling a bit better. Im not being sick today thank goodness just have that not right feeling. Hope everyone is ok today its hard but we need to do this big hugs to u all x x x

Hi All


I was diagnosed with IDC Grade 3 in November and had lumpectomy on 5th December, 1/15 node positive, HER2 positive.  Met with oncologist last Wednesday and am going to have chemo in the next two weeks, getting Herceptin at the same time and having radiotherapy after.  Anybody having TC chemo?  Seems perhaps not so intense as FEC although the medical profession have assured me it is.  I do hope so!  Not sure why the choice for me is TC but wondered if anyone else is having it and what their experience is.  I know this might sound odd to those of you who are already suffering side effects etc, but I really need to get this show on the road!  I am focussing on the end point and it keeps getting moved further away.


Hope you are all feeling comfortable this evening and sleep well!  



Thank you all for responding.  TC is Taxotere and cyclophosphamide.  Have been told that my hair is likely to go but, although I am sure there will be tears when it happens, I am not too upset by that.  Started saying that I would not have a wig but having spoken to several girlfriends, they are all quite excited by the possibilities of a red haired siren on a Friday night and a blond bombshell on a Saturday!  (I am actually very grey haired!)  I have now made an appointment to see a couple of wig ladies locally on Monday who say I can try and then not buy, if I decide not to.


Sandie - I think we might be the beginning of the February Fireballs!!  I rush home from work each evening in the hope that there will be a letter moving the whole process along, but again today there was disappointment.  Not sure what tests I am to have before treatment but I haven’t had any appointments for them either.  Hope we both have news soon.






Hi, I was also diagnosed Her2 pos, all other results normal. Had bilateral mastectomy and having 4 cycles of chemo and 12 months of herceptin. Had one cycle and I used the scalp cooler, that was 3 weeks ago and hair starting to shed - feeling worried. Can anyone give me some confidence that it’s just shedding and won’t fall out??! Help ladies!!