January Jems starting radiotherapy in NY

Hi ladies,

Anyone starting radiotherapy in January 2014?

I know there is a monthly thread for those starting chemotherapy in January so I thought we could run along with those ladies and try to support one another? Everyone is welcome to join so please do.

My name is Mandy (Mand or Mands!). I was first diagnosed on 13th November and had surgery on 21st November. 30mm tumour, grade 3 envasive and I had 50mm removal of tumour and tissue at time of surgery. I did have a bit of reconstruction at lumpectomy but will need further surgery at end of treatment.

Consultant thought that due to my age, size of tumour and grade - I would need both chemotherapy and radiotherapy but the good news is that they now don’t advise chemotherapy, just radiotherapy and tamoxifen. I had the oncotype test and it came back as 18% which was just borderline.

Obviously, I am so so pleased to have escaped surgery and I still count myself very lucky so far.

I have to say I’m not looking forward to the radiotherapy treatment but I know it is all doable and I have received loads of support and information from the lovely ladies on the forum.

Please join me, don’t let me be Billy no mates lol. Looking forward to welcoming you and being able to support each other.

I have my CT scan and planning appointment on the 31st December - what a lovely way to spend the last day of this year lol.

Mands xxx

Error - I mean “lucky to have escaped chemotherapy NOT surgery” lol. Perhaps I should try and sleep now! It’s 3.00 am and I haven’t had a great night! X

I to start radio in Jan going for Lumpectomy and SNB results on 23rd Dec fingers crossed its good been advised I will have 20 sessions unsure what meds will follow until I have my planning appointment strange how calm I feel still waiting to have meltdown I feel totally detached from from everything best wishes for Christmasxx

Hi Mands I am still having chemo but due to finish mid January my rads planning is on 23rd jan so I will be due to start in February. I will be very interested to hear about yours and others journey so I will know what to expect. I hope others will join you soon as it is so much nicer to talk about how you are getting on and for the sharing of tips and experience x Tracy

Thanks magical_moon your feedback is very helpful. I’m glad you made some friends along the way. I’m going to have 18 rounds of rads and have also been asked to take part in the fast forward trial which I’m still unsure about!?? Any thoughts on this are welcome! I will be having my rads at mount Vernon anyone attended there? X Tracy

Hi sans61 and Tracy - welcome to our little Jems club! We can go through this journey together and help one another with info and support. I’m really pleased you ladies have joined me here. It is all doable I know but I do draw strength and support from this forum that perhaps our loves can’t give us. It so helps that we can relate with one another and it will make this stage of our journeys a little easier. Magical Moon thanks for your support and info, much appreciated to share with us.

I do believe we can cope so much better when we definitely know what to expect and begin the stage. Looking back now I think the surgery was so easier than expected although I am still suffering with a seroma! On a daily basis.

We have our ups and downs but I can honestly say so many more ups than downs! We just have to ride the downs out and listen to our minds and bodies and adjust accordingly. Staying positive is important but you can’t always be and that’s okay.

Looking forward to helping me and you sweeties through this next stage.

Take care little GEMS.

With love - Mands xxx

Magical moon - good luck for your last session tomorrow. I doubt that you’ll feel like partying on Christmas Eve but at least you can put your radiotherapy visits behind you! Enjoy Christmas. Are you with family? I hope so! Lots of love sweetie xxx

You’re welcome to come and spend Christmas with me sweetie?

I hope tomorrow is not too emotional for you.

A gin and tonic - I toast you!

Let me know how you get on and if you want someone to talk to on Christmas Day or any other time over the Christmas holidays, I will call you - anytime and I mean that. Let me know and I’ll PM you my number.

Thinking of you very much. “Tits up”? Let it be bottoms up over a couple of G&Ts!!! I’ll certainly be toasting you at the Christmas table lovely.

Stay strong and never feel you’re only when you have me and all the other ladies here.

Sending you lots of love. Mands xxx

Hi mands

Well we both on the same track.I too have CT scan for 29Dec and radiotherapy to follow in January.Operation was 28th Nov.same as you.Yes we must all share our days in treatment.I have 3 weeks of days a week.


Hi magical moon,

I didn’t mean to make you cry. In fact you made me cry reading that you were crying - what a pair we make!

I mean it about speaking to you over the holidays. I really would like to be there for you if you need someone that can relate to you. We could just be silent and listen to each other sobbing if that helps lol.

I would be alone if it wasn’t for my two sons. They have found it so so difficult and in fact just buried their heads in the sand through this journey as they do not know what to say or do but I know I am very lucky to have them with me.

I know what being lonely feels like and not having anyone close to to share your dark time with and I know this forum has brought us both a lot of comfort, support and information.

I really hope your last session of radiotherapy today was not too bad and hey listen - you are allowed to feel emotional. We all are gorgeous. I am going to PM you my mobile number and please do contact me at any time before, during or after the Christmas period. You can just call or text me and I’ll call you back if you wish. I’m hoping you’re in the UK??? Lol. Even if you were far away I would still talk to you and let you know I am thinking about you sweetie xxx

Lots of love. Mands xxx

Ashby/Jacqui - you’re such a copycat lol. Amazing that we are both going through this journey with same diagnosis, surgery and radiotherapy dates. How strange is that. Having said that I know that you are probably feeling just as anxious as I am to get through this journey. We know it is all doable and we will get to the end. I can already see light at the end of the tunnel. Together on this thread we will support each other and other little gems going through radiotherapy. Mands xxx

Hi ashby/Jacqui - I do try to stay positive and strong but believe me I don’t always feel it! I don’t sleep very well and perhaps flag around midday so I take an afternoon sleep. I used to resist this but now I just go with what my body tells me.

I am determined to have a good Christmas. I have my two boys - even if I have to put a front on for them then I will. I can then go away and know I have done my best and feel a bit sorry for myself.

On the whole I think I am doing well. I can’t afford to get too down as I know this won’t do me any good.

I can’t wait until I am sitting down to Christmas dinner with my boys. Only then will I pat myself on my back and know that I have done a great job.

The way I cope is to think how lucky I am. The two things I didn’t want to go through at the beginning of this journey was a mastectomy and chemotherapy. I have been so so so lucky to escape both of these and I know I could have gone through so so so much more and worse than I have had to. That’s the way I deal with it. I do have bad days but I try not to have too many. Perhaps at the end of treatment and reconstructive surgery I may have a complete meltdown lol. But, I know for now, I just can’t afford that.

I have a lot to be thankful for.

Keep smiling gorgeous - we shall get there.

Mands xxx

Hi Mands I will be starting radiotherapy in January and will also be taking tamoxifin for 2 years and then Letrozole for 3 years. I have to have 15 sessions of radiotherapy. It will be good speaking to other ladies having radiotherapy at same time.

Hope everybody has a wonderful christmas

kath xxx

Hi Kath, welcome to our little club! Do you have any dates yet? Ashby/Jacqui and I have our CT scan and planning meeting on NYE so we can tell you how that goes. You too have a lovely Christmas and NY. Let’s hope it is a better one for us all. Mands xxx

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you are all having a lovely time and are being spoilt. Love especially to our lovely magical moon. Call me if you want to have a natter oh gorgeous one. Thinking of you very much today and I hope you are treating yourself to a couple of gin and tonics. Bottoms up !! Love Mands xxx

Hi magical moon, how are you doing? I know that you were a bit emotional following the end of your radiotherapy treatment so I wanted to check that you were okay. Would love to hear from you. Sending you a big hug sweetie. Mands xxx

Hi magical moon, you’ve been constantly on my mind over Christmas. So sorry you’ve had and are still having a rough time of it. I had heard that problems can set in after you stop radiotherapy and for you it certainly has. I hope each day you get better and stronger and that hopefully you are over the worst.

I go tomorrow for the CT scan and radiotherapy planning appointment in Harley Street, London. I’m anxious understandably but just want to get started so that I can finish this next stage. Jacqui/Ashby, I know you too go tomorrow so I am sending you, magical moon and everyone my love and support.

Keep in touch magical moon - I so hope you feel better soon. You’re in my thoughts big time sweetie.

Mands xxx

Thank you magical moon. Those tips will definitely help us all - thanks for sharing and I hope you got a better nights sleep xxx

Welcome Kipper - I am sure you will get lots of support from me and the ladies here going through much the same. I am just going for my CT and planning appointment and will share the experience when I return. Hugs to all xxx

Hi all. Sorry all. I’m a tad emotional. I have no idea why. I just keep crying and can’t seem to stop. Appointment went okay. I’ll post tomorrow what happened for those still to have the pre appointment. Sorry all. I’m really low at the moment. I’ll be okay. Just need to get through this wobbly day! Mands xxx ps happy new year to you all xxx

Thank you magical moon. I am so emotional. Sorry to you and everyone. It wasn’t the appointment, that went okay. It was just realising that I have at least another month or two of all this. I am normally a strong person but it feels like I’ve been hit by something I have no control over. I know, really know, it will be all okay. I just can’t seem to lift this feeling that has overcome me. I know I am lucky because I haven’t experienced a mastectomy or chemotherapy - two things that I didn’t want but (I am sorry) I just feel really down. I’m sorry I don’t want to scare anyone. It really wasn’t the appointment. Just as you say, the enormity of it all. I have managed really well up until now! M xxx