joint pain after taxotere

Hi, finished chemo(3 fec, 3 tax) in may. Had LWE and 10 lymph nodes removed(all clear) in june . still having really bad joint pain, anyone else had joint pain this long after chemo?


i had 4 epi and 4 tax and also had LWE all treatment finished end of Jan 2007, joint pain for me lives on, while i was having the chemo had bad joint pain for 2 days (side effects)so what i used to do was take sleeping pills for the first two nights. In the mornings now ankles feel stiff and sometimes in the evenings even my hip becomes stiff hard to get up once sitting down. I have now started back at the gym and it has helped a little, they said it is down to the medication tamoxifen could be old age…lol

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Hi, i had joint pain after tax for months, thought it would never go but it has gone completely but thats after about one year.

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Hi Pineapple

I’ve just finished my 8th and last Tax and was wondering if there is anything that eased your joint pain like swimming?


Its severn weeks since my last taxol and i still ache my hips and my legs mainly its comforting to know im not on my own and that it may go away sometime in the distant future some mornings i feel about 70 !!!