Joint pain with Tamoxifen - what can I do about it, anyone know about Glucosamine or anything else?

I am 47, had intermediate DCIS found by first regular mammogram last October. Lumpectomy in October, rads in Jan/Feb and on tamoxifen since mid May. I was generally fit and active before this with a BMI of 18-19. Now I’ve problems with tiredness and exhaustion as not sleeping properly through the night, but also for the last 4-6 weeks since a few weeks after starting the tamoxifen my elbow joints have been painful. I can’t think I have been doing anything different over the last 2 months, so really think it must be the tamoxifen. It’s not dire, but uncomfortable and constant / nagging and the thought of 5 years of this isn’t great! The breast care nurse said this isn’t a usual side effect and  recommended paracetamol and ibupropfen, or a mix thereof, and am now taking these regularly.  She said the initial side effects of the tamoxifen might should settle down within 4-6 weeks of taking it, but I am now on 8 weeks and it is getting worse, not better as the paracetamol is no longer having much effect, although I am getting very few of the other predicted side effects. She did say I could try another brand (I am on Mylan) or stop taking it for 2 weeks to see if it improved and to try and prove if it is the drug that is causing the pain.  Does anyone have any suggestions/experience the same problem? A friend has suggested glucoasmine, but there seems to be many different types don’t know what to try - Glucosamine sulphate with omega 3, Glucosamine chloride with Chondroitin, or with MSM? Grateful for any advice please. Thank you.

Hi busymum ,sorry you haven’t had a reply to your post .May be worth re-posting it in the hormone therapy section ,see if anyone has any suggestions .Changing brand is certainly worth a try as some people are definitetly better on certain brands .Teva was the one I found the best and Boots agreed to order it for me each month .Smaller chemists can be limited in where they can but their drugs from .