To all the ladies/gents tommorow is my last chemo day had 6 months of ups and downs I would like to say a BIG THANKYOU to you all still have to have surgery and rads yet I feel im half way through my journey Im sure i will be doin my moans and groans and helping others with there journey to realy happy to do this one spent more than half in tears every time i went once again THANKYOU EVERYBODY.

Love to you Elaine, you are one brave lady. Good luck with everything and I wish you the very best of health.

Holly xx

Thanks holly

I start my chemo next Thursday. The only bit I’m nervous about is the hair loss. Any advice?

I had my below shoulder lengths hair cut short, it can make the transition easier, others shave the hair off before it falls out completely as it can be annoying to find it everywhere, bit like a moulting dog…
Try and get some hats, or a wig if you deciding to have one, ready beforehand. Good Luck, waiting for the first chemo is the worst bit, once you get started and know what to expect it’s easier to deal with.

hi buzzy my hair was long and curly had it shaved no 3 wasnt easy you will addapt to having no hair it does grow back i wore bandanna have to go back to them my hair is quarter inch now the down fall is its falling out again it does sometimes happen unfortunatly 4 it has good look 4 next week

How quickly after your first treatment did you lose your hair? I will be seeing the wig lady soon. I’d like to give it a try and my hairdresser has said he will cut it for me.

I lost my hair 17 days after first session

Hi Buzzy

I also had mine shaved off. It started to fall out 14 days after first chemo. Some ladies swear by the cold cap but I didn’t fancy that. I lived in hats and scarves but finished chemo 6 months ago. Hair now 2 inches long

Julia xx

I contemplated the cold cap but decided against it in the end. At least it will be hat and scarf weather soon anyway so I might blend in! Half of me is quite excited about trying wigs on. Gutted that my hair will probably grow back grey tho cos I’m not a natural brunette any more judging by my roots!

it will be over befre you know it dont worry bout the grey

not sure i will sleep to happy and sad happt chemo done sad i have to 2 do it sweet dreams

how stupid am i that wrapped up in the day y/day 4got to take my steroids not sure if chemo going ahead now will phone them at 9 I told myself nothing will go wrong tempted fate do you think let you all no after 9

all systems go yupee

Phew! Good luck

hav 2 hav intravenus drug nurse says it will make me happy i said i am anyway dont need to go anymore after today

Hello Ladies,

Elaine, I used this chat room last year while going through chemo. It was very helpful and this room is full of very brave and courageous ladies like you. I had chemo for 6 months, then mastectomy and then 25 sessions of rads. I will not say it was easy, but you’ve done the worst part.

Best of luck to you and all the ladies here. My thoughts are with you all.