juiliet how did you get on?

just wanted to see how things went at your appointment hope it all went well?

take care hunni and spk soon



dooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh lol just saw your other post thank god everythings ok really pleased for you hunni you take care



Hi Nikki,

Thanks for thinking of me! I had mammogram & ultrasound. The doctor said he thinks its benign and a fibrodema so very relieved and pleased. He then said would do a core biopsy which he did, Im assuming thats just to confirm that all is okay. I get the results of that in 3 weeks and decide then whether to have it removed or not. So Im feeling very relieved. Tired, worn out and a bit uncomfortable. But happy!! I know I still need to wait for the biopsy results but I really dont think they would have said thought it benign if they werent really sure so am not feeling worried about that.

You take care too!


Ha ha :slight_smile: now I just seen your one above… lol… we writing at the same time!