July 16 Chemo buddy

Hey Girlies,
Im starting 4 lots of chemo on the 15th July in Glasgow looking for a chemo buddy near or far to share this manic journey with. AJ xx

Hi AJ_silver,

You might like to pop into the July 2016 starters over in the Chemo Monthly Threads forum.breastcancercare.org.uk/t5/Chemotherapy-monthly-threads/July-2016-starters/m-p/1028274#U1028274 It’s quite a lively group so I’m sure you’ll find plenty of support there :slight_smile: I’m part of the June cohort - just had my 2nd of 6 FEC so just a little ahead of you. It’s nice to have company along the way so do take a peek!

Hope that helps,

B x

I’ll defiately take a look at the thread you linked Belle , I handnt spotted it before, just getting the hang of navagating round the forum. Thanks a million AJ xx

Hi AJ Silver,

I’ll be starting chemo this month - mist probably next week, but see oncologist tomorrow to confirm exact date. There’s loads of support on the site and helpful stuff from people. But feel free to drop me a message if you do want a chemo buddy! Take care :slight_smile:

Cocoa xx

Hi Cocoa, sorry for my late reply i’ve been on Holiday. Have you started your chemo? Im starting to get nervour about my 1st session this fri. Xx

Hi AJ,

I’ve only just seen your reply, sorry.

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you for Friday.

No, I haven’t started my chemo yet. I saw the oncologist last Tuesday who said it’d probably start two weeks from then. I was also told I’d hear either Mon or Tue this week about an exact start date. I’ve still heard nothing and still don’t know when I’ll be starting. It’s actually making me feel pretty stressed just hanging about waiting with all this vagueness.

Cocoa xx

Hey Cocoa,
Totally know what you mean I think the waiting is the worst bit, everything so far has been better than I expected but the waiting kills me. Hope you hear soon about your date.

Do you have kids? AJ xx

Hi again AJ,

Yeah, you’re right the waiting is horrible.

At the oncologist appointment last Tue I was given the voucher to buy a wig, so I rushed out on the Wednesday and got it as I was led to believe chemo was just two weeks away, so I thought I’d get all orgsnised. The wig has been stuffed in a cupboard now as waking up in the morning to see it hanging on its stand would freak me out!! ? I wouldn’t trust the dog and cats alone near it, so another reason it’s best hidden for now!! ?

How about you? Are you all organised in terms of headwear?

No, haven’t got any kids. Have you?

Cocoa xx

Hey Cocoa,
Im getting my 1st chemo tomorrow. Im getting 4 lots every 3 weeks cos I scored pretty low in my Oncotype test. I started 3 days of steroids today to help stop a allergic reaction tom, they made me feel pretty hyper like too much caffine, i took them in the morn and lunch so I can sleep tonight. Ingot quite a low after the seemed to ware off and felt really shattered. Picked my wig up too which I’m really pleased with. I was the same just wanted it to be in the house to give me a bit of a feeling of control also my dog would prob have a go at eating it too! ??

Hope you get a date soon honey
AJ xxx

ps I live in Bishopbriggs so super handy for Stobhill but a bit of an early morning for my 9am app tom to the Beatson xx

Hi AJ,

Somehow I managed to delete my entire post just now, so I’m having to retype this - what a clown!! ?

Yeah steroids can give you an energy boost. Been on them for asthma in the past. They make you feel quite good though.

Finally got my chemo start date! Feel better just knowing and not wondering and waiting all the time. I start on 26th July, so not long after you. I’ll be having 6 cycles, so 5 to 6 months.

I know Bishopbriggs! I used to live in Ayrshire. Do you go to The Beatson?

I really hope everything goes well tomorrow and hope you get a good night’s sleep tonight. You take care.

Cocoa xx

Hey Cocoa, thats fab you got your date, not too long to wait now. Yep i’ve just arrived at the Beatson, the sat nav took us a fab backroad way so we’re early.

Forgot to reply to your last message, yep I’ve got too Little mosters, a girl of 7 and boy of 4. There off for a play date so quite happy.

Where u going for treatment?

AJ xx

Hi AJ, hope you don’t mind me joining in. Today is my last session of radiotherapy at the Beatson. I transferred treatment part way through from Leicestershire (no chemo) and have found everyone at the Beatson so friendly, helpful, professional and kind. So you are in the best possible hands. In a really odd way I will miss my daily trip. Good luck for today and your treatment.?? xxxx. Jill 

Hi AJ,

How did yesterday go? Hope you’re feeling ok?

I’m getting my treatment near Birmingham. I was going to have the cold cap, but changed my mind mainly cos the wig looks pretty good and as I’ve already got very fine hair there’s less chance of it working. Would’ve had to travel a bit further to another hospital for the cold cap too. Not sure when to get it clipped, maybe just after first lot of chemo.

Anyway, take it easy and look after yourself just now *Hug*

Cocoa xx

Hey cocoa,
1st chemo went ok, hospital was brilliant, such good nurses and I even got my lunch. Been struggling mainly with being mega tired and fuzzy headed. Cant seem to cincentrate or sleep well, think the sterioids have nade my weirdly wired. No sickness though or bad pain yet. My skin is pretty horrid, all broken out on my face and chest so gonna call the nurse tom about it.

Ive done a sponsored head shave, gonna do mine next week prob when it starts to shed. My scalp is sore so think it might help xx

Hi AJ,

Glad to hear it went ok. For the sleeplessness could you maybe try herbal sleeping pills? Like Kalms or Sominex? I’ve used Sominex in the past and it works. I’d check it’s ok to take with the chemo drugs and steroids though. Or maybe there’s something the nurse could recommend.

The skin thing sounds sore. I hope the nurse can give you something for it.

I’ve got my “new chemo patient” appointment tomorrow. Think they’re going to do bloods and ECG. I take it you had an appointment like that. Is there anything else they do?

Cocoa xx

Hey honey, I’ve had hellish jitters and agitation for days and have finally worked out its not the steroids but these sickness tablets! Really dissapointed my GP
Didnt pick up and just fobbed me off with a sleeping pill that made me worse. So glad to get to the bottom of it. Yep I head an exho then bloods a few days before that was all. Good luck Aj xx

Hey AJ,

At least you worked out what it was. Not so good your GP didn’t though. I don’t know what could help with the jitters. But maybe Kalms for agitation, just a thought.

My pre chemo appointment was fine. Just a chat really with lots of info and blood test. The nurse was really good and it’s great they explain everything well and all the possibilities.

Are you having Docetaxel if you’re on steroids? I’m having 3 lots of FEC, then 3 lots of Docetaxel. I’ll have to give myself daily injections while on FEC. Not looking forward to injecting myself - I’m a wuss!! It’ll probably get easier to do after a couple of times though.

Cocoa xx

Hi Cocoa,
How did your 1st chemo go? Ye i’m getting 4 Doxcetaxol and Cyclophosphomide, think its common to take an allergy to Doxcetaxol, dunno id thats why you get steroids. I had my 2nd chemo yesterday and am much better than last time so far, hoping the anti stickness was causing the eorst kf mine last time. Xxx

Ye they have given me Strematil instead which seems to be doig the trick, it anniying cos they said just to take the last kind to prevent sickness but I wss never actually sick just crazy jumpy on them. I’ve felt a bit sicker this time, usually in the middle of the night but so far sleeping pretty good. Phew! Xx