July 2023 radiotherapy starters

Congratulations on finishing your radiotherapy TDG . The latest post in a thread was supposed to appear at the top , it’s a nuisance to have to scroll down isn’t it , we’ve asked the moderators to look at this and hopefully there’s a way to change the order . We are all just finding our way around .Best wishes Jill


Hi advice please. I start my radiotherapy next week. This is the 2nd time I have had start dates due fluid buildup in my armpit and not being able to continue my treatment and my surgery was Nov 22. They are removing fluid
600mls at a time. The team have come up with a plan to get me through radiotherapy as I finished chemo end of May. I am having 15 rounds of RT. I am on penicillin for 3 weeks, having pressure bandages applied and removed daily and seeing my breast consultant weekly or in between if RT team need fluid remove for next session.
Any advice on how I can look after my skin during RT with having pressure bandages would be great and how have you been when finished the course as I go on holiday to Croatia 3 days after I finish treatment.

@VOD, I can’t really offer any advice, but wanted to wish you well for next week after the treatment journey you’ve had so far. Hugs. Regarding skincare during and after radiotherapy, do follow the advice that the radiographers give you. When I went for my CT planning session, I asked questions and then was able to ask any further questions during the radiotherapy sessions as well. They will tell you what to avoid and what you can use on your skin while having treatment an after.

I am now 2 weeks post-radiotherapy, and do feel more tired than 2 days ago. It’s not the same for everyone so just sharing my experience - no noticeable fatigue during week 1, noticeable fatigue at the end of week 2.

Hello to you. I felt really strange after my RT finished. I thought I would be really happy but just felt kind of scared that I was now on my own after being in a bubble of appointments and being looked after. I am much better about everything now and just struggling a bit with fatigue. Your description of a rollercoaster is exactly right! I hope you feel better soon its very hard I am sure to be on your own. But we will get there!


@sydney that’s how I felt - as though I had fallen off the BC treatment roller coaster :confused:

It’s funny how different RT clinics give differing advice about skincare - mine don’t give or recommend any creams, but advise to keep on with whatever moisturiser is being used during & afterwards.

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I am doing ok now thank you, some brown mole like marks on my breast but no more redness or pain. Back into scuba diving, sea swimming and living my life. Hot flushes, joint pain and tiredness from the Anastrazole but wont let it stop me.

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That’s interesting as i never had any pack sent to me, so I’m assuming it differs between areas? There was also no mention about breathing or drinking water! My first week of appointments were scheduled for 45 in total, with the next 10 just 30 minutes

Sorry about the delayed reply. Reading everyone’s experiences, I’d agree that there doesn’t appear to be a consistent process or guidance across regions/areas. Regarding the breathing (DIEH) I think the significance of that is if you are having rads on the left side in order to protect the heart muscle from radiation. But some centres do also suggest it irrespective of the side, as the liver is on the right (but that’s not as close in proximity to the radiation field as the heart).

Remember to moisturise and hydrate even if they don’t mention it to help with fatigue which can be felt weeks after the radiation sessions are done.