June 2016 starters?

Taking Sue H-S’s advice and starting a new thread for anyone starting chemo in June.


My first cycle begins on the 9th.  I’m having FEC x 6 so that will fun!  Tomorrow I’ve got my echocardiogram to look forward to and well as a follow up appointment with my plastic surgeon.  I had a mastectomy & LD flap reconstruction 7 weeks ago and will be needing a reduction etc.  Had hoped that I could get all the surgery done and dusted this year but thanks to chemo my perky new rack (she said hopefully …!) will have to wait.  


I’ve been reading previous threads and trying to glean as much information as I can.  Today I’ve made some different sorts of fruit compôtes for the freezer for days when something fruity is called for.  I’m planning to make some ice lollies too.  Besides cooking and reading up on stuff, I write a lot in a vain attempt to maintain my tenuous grip on sanity.  How are you all doing?  Any other favourite coping strategies?


B x

Hi Belle just popping on from the April 14 thread to wish you well.
It’s a good idea to start a new thread for June starters as sadly there will be several that join you when they find the forum! It’s the best way of coping with the ups and downs of chemo sharing experiences with those who will really understand! You will develop a close bond with them through this journey. There are still 5 ladies on our thread and we have planned our second reunion!

Hi Belleville and Silvercloud. I have my first chemo tomorrow but most of the May thread have started so hope you don’t mind me jumping on here. I’m having 3xFEC and 3xT. Have had a long wait due to surgical issues and still not fully healed however oncologist happy to start now and see.
I haven’t had an echo, I was told there was no indication for me to have one and have only had the ecg I had previously op. I’m also not down to have a ct scan or mri a day this does confuse me.
Am dreading tomorrow to be honest xx

Hi Belle and all June starters.

Im due to have my first chemo session on 1st June.  3 x FEC and 3 x T.  Not looking forward to it, and have decided to cold cap too which means I am in for a long day but thought it was worth a try.

I had my echo yesterday (Thursday)  and blood tests and went to meet the staff on the Henderson Suite which is the ward where they give the chemo in my local hospital, luckily its only 10 miles away,  so not too much travelling.

Good luck everyone




Been having a ‘hair’ day.


Started the with a spot of hair removal - oh the irony!  Then went for a wig fitting and have come out with a pretty good option - left/top is the wig, right/bottom is my normal hair (taken shortly after diagnosis on a boozy lunch my sister treated me too!):


IMG_5098.jpg IMG_4799.JPG


I nearly went for a total change as there was a funky cropped wig I quite fancied but in the end I decided on the days I wear the wig I’m going to want to look normal, not different.  Very impressed with both the service I received and the quality of the wig.  God bless the NHS!


Finally, I booked myself a session with the HeadStrong service to learn about scarf tying etc. for the day before I start chemo.  My nearest one is a bit of a trek from home but we decided we’d make a day of it and have a final lunch out as a treat.


Feeling a bit better prepared.


B x

Hi all


I’m just waiting for my start date but am expecting it to be in the next few weeks.  


I’ve having FEC x 3 and T x 3 and Herceptin.  Then they’re preparing me for a mastectomy later in the year.


It’s a lot to take in but this forum has already been so useful to look at so I’m looking forward to picking up coping strategies and not going through this alone…





Just wanted to wish Julie (1st chemo on the 1st) and anyone else who is starting before the 3rd well.  I’m about to sign off for a week of sun, sea & sand so will be doing my best to relax and enjoy a little R&R before digging in for my start on the 9th.


Will look forward to catching up with you all when I’m back!


B x

Hello Ladies, I’m due to start 6 rounds of chemo 8th June. I was diagnosed early in April, had my mastectomy 5 weeks ago…It’s been quite a rollercoaster, but starting the chemo is really worrying me. I think it will help to connect with other women going through the same experience and hopefully get some tips, I’m new to all this forum business! 

Yes, thanks buster1, that’s useful to know.
I’ve now heard that I start on 4th so I’m pleased to finally be getting this started but more than slightly nervous/apprehensive/terrified.
So, hair cut is booked, have a babysitter for my 2 year old, I need to look at wigs and scarfs, is there anything else I need to do in advance?

Hi all,


How’s it going?  June is about to get under way so I guess that’s the starting gun firing for us!


I’m still away on holiday but have found a smidge of internet access and am hiding away in my air conditioned room to cool off.  Having a week away just before starting has been a Godsend but I have to say I can’t exactly forget it.  I’ve had a few ‘moments’ and some hilarious ones too - like when my husband grabbed the end of my towel roll to dispose of it in the hotel linen skip.  He pulled it out of my bag and of course, it unwound as he did so.  Inside was my lovely new mastectomy swimming costume from Nicola Jane (cost a fortune and is now horribly stained with suncream *sigh*) and also my prosthesis.  Which flew through the air and landed with a slap on the floor!  Laugh?  I nearly died! :smiley: :smiley: I also nearly killed my husband!!  


We’ll be back to reality soon and then the 9th will be fast upon me.  Those of you starting in the next few days are very much in my thoughts.


B x

Indeed you are, Milasmummy! I’ll be joining you next Thursday (9th) for my first one too. Can’t say I’m looking forward to it but the sooner we start, the sooner we’ll be done I guess?

B x

Hi all. Just having my first treatment of fec-t. All drugs in and now sitting for 90 minutes with the cold cap on and then should be good to go home. Feeling ok so far and keeping my fingers crossed that it’s says that way. I was nervous this morning but the staff are great and really put you at ease and talk everything through with you.
Keep thinking positive everyone. There is light at the end of the tunnel xx

Hope your still feeling ok Julie. Big hug x

Morning all.  JUst a quick update.  Not feeling too bad this morning.  Was a little bit nauseous last night but had my sister and a friend texting me for an hour to take my mind off it till i could take the next lot of tablets, worked a treat, I would recommend the distraction technique.  I was also constantly sipping juice which also helped.  Got a stinking bad head this morning and a slight metallic taste but the juice is helping again.  Felt a bit warm so took my temperature but it was normal, maybe a bit of paranoia setting in.

Have decided to take the day off work just to see how I get on, if all OK will go back in tomorrow.

Hope everyone is OK today. Take care x


Hi lovely ladies, sending big hugs to you all. I’m having a wobble this morning as I went yesterday for a Picc line and after thre painful attempts the guide wire got stuck. I’m now going back today for a Hickman line, and I’m sooooooo scared. I feel such a wimp because I’ve managed to be calmish but this has roughened my seas so to speak. I have something called Svt a heart arrhythmia which has been really well controlled but I’m scared this will trigger an event. I must have been tottering on the edge though for such a small blip to cause this wobble. Also do you find lots of differing opinions and advice? I can see three different healthcare professionals in one week and they can give me contradicting information. Who do you listen to? If you explain your confusion (tactfully obviously) and ask for clarification some staff can get defensive. That’s me done sorry ?, I just needed to vent. I’m doing the swan: calm on the surface where all can see, but paddling like mad under the water trying to hide my panic. Thanks for letting me expose my webbed feet for ten minutes. I’m putting them back in the water now and off to the hospital. Bless you all, I truly think you’re amazing. Until all this happened to me I never saw how fabulous and powerful women can be, this site has helped me see. Go girls xxxxxxx

Good morning ladies, I hope I have joined the June starters thread? I have my first FEC Chemo tomorrow morning and am terrified. I have read hints and tips and am drinking loads in preparation, but now it is all so real, help!

Hi buster1,
Don’t be too hard on yourself, wobbling is very definitely allowed and totally to be expected when things don’t go to plan. Sorry it’s been so rough getting line access - terrifying, painful and inconvenient. Hoping the Hickman line is a much more copable experience.
As for conflicting advice, that’s not acceptable. Can you find a senior nurse / sister in your unit or on your team and talk it through with them? It’s not being a nuisance, you need to be sure about what is happening as you cannot give informed consent and that is a bedrock of medical procedures. Make sure you have someone with you, write a list of your concerns & confusion, and don’t leave until you get things cleared up.
Meanwhile, if we can help, try throwing us your questions - the hive mind here is awesome! I can also recommend the Ask a Nurse service BCC offer - brilliant.
Hope that helps,
B x

Welcome Bubbles62,
Sorry you’ve had to join us but glad you’ve found this forum. My first isn’t till next week but I’ve already started the early morning waking. It’s a scary old business. But we will get through it and the sooner we start, the sooner we finish.

Morning Julie,
Glad you got through day one. A friend of mine who was a Macmillan nurse for years, recommended using plastic cutlery to eat with if the metallic taste persists. No idea (yet) if it works but might be worth a go?

B x

Thanks B. May try that. It’s not to bad and I love lemon cordial which takes the taste away so.just drinking that.

Hi Bubbles. Big hugs. I was the same before my treatment yesterday. I was surprised that it was easier that I thought. The nurses are all very experienced and really put me at ease. Even going through the worse case scenarios regarding possible side effects. Thay have to tell you but remember don’t panic they are worse case. Dont be afraid to ask them anything. Keeping everything crossed for you for tomorrow. Let us know how you get on when you are able xx

Hi guys this is my first time writing on these forums although I have been reading them for about 3  weeks and getting loads of brilliant information and tips from all you lovely ladies. I’m 31 and had a mastectomy and reconstruction 7 weeks ago. I had my first chemo yesterday and am having 6 rounds of EC. It was actually quite uneventful. I was there from 9-3 because the whole process seems to take ages even though the drugs only take about an hour but no pain and it was all quite calm. I did however try the cold cap and lasted less than a minute! Epic fail! I don’t know how you ladies do it! Oh well I have a wig at the ready so I guess in 2 weeks or so I’ll be thinking about shaving it all off. I’m sorry to hear some of you have had lots of SE. So far I just been tired with a bit of a foggy head and felt pretty sick last night but today’s going well so I’ll be really lucky if I can stick to that but I assume there’s more to come over the months. It’s great to be able to read people actual experiences rather than just reading facts on the Internet.


Will keep checking in as always and good luck to everyone

Charisse Xx