just a question before I go crazy...

Found a lump under my nipple on wed and was given 7 days of antibs and everyday since big changes have happened the lump is now a ‘second nipple’ side by side and my nipple is pointing down and this morning I’m sure I have a dent next to nipple I feel like I’m going crazy my whole breast is tingling pulling and itchy should I worry or do cysts do this? Much appreciated. Ps I’m 25 and my Nanna had breast cancer young xx

So so sorry for posting here ladies who are going through so much xxx

Don’t apologize for posting, we all need a bit of support advice or comfort sometimes!
I’m afraid I have no answers for you but if I were you I’d be going back to the Dr tomorrow to let them have a look. Could you maybe have an allegy to the antibiotics? Try not to panic too much but do get it looked at to put your mind at rest.
Hope all goes well, Julie

oh no, its late at night, and your mind will not let go of the idea that you are going to be another in the family with breast cancer. It does sound more and more, like an infection, it is changing so quickly. Cancer is a slow, evil , quiet disease, it sneaks up on you. Your symptoms are changing by the hour. I am no medic, but it does look like that to me. There is an infection called cellulitis that you can get in breasts which the antibiotics you are on might not be strong enough to cure

I dont know what time your doctors appointment is tomorrow. But unless it is in the morning why not get onto the helpline first thing and talk your symptoms through with them. they are all qualified, probably more knowledgable than your GP. Its such a shame they were not open today. If i were to raise money for this website it would be to keep the helplines open longer rather than fund forums on the benefits of excercise.

But you have still got to get through tonight. I bet your brain is on fire and there is no way you can sleep. Doesnt matter how much people tell you not to worry, you will because you are scared and without a doctor looking at your breast again and telling you what is going on there is not much that can calm you down. I hope someone else comes along soon who has more knowledge than me or who has gone through similar things.

i know what you mean about feeling guilty when so many people on here are going through the trials of hercules to get rid of their cancer. But the forum is for everybody, even people like me that wont be on here that long, and for people like you who hopefully after another 7 days of different biotics will be back to say goodbye. Everybody is just as scared at the begining and that is why this site is so good. its the only thing available late on sunday night when you feel so alone

I don’t know what I would have done without this site I like to be brought back down when I’m off on one and can’t come back! too many things go off in your head not just about yourself but the heartbreaking things you read on here never seen such a supportive place usually forums (even baby ones) can br so negative and argumentative xx

Hi Mammo can understand how worried you are
wishing you all the best & that this is just cysts