Just about to start chemo

My daughter sent me the link to this forum yesterday. I was diagnosed in February with a fast growing invasive breast cancer. I had a wide incision and sentinel node biopsy, which Fortunetly was clear. I start chemo next Monday. Yesterday I went to the big c in Norwich for head wear workshop and the look good feel good session. It was really good meeting everyone there who were in the same situation as me and at different stages of treatment.my family and friends are really great,but it was so good to chat to others who knew exactly what Im going through, hhence my daughter finding this site for me. I no longer feel alone but part of an exclusive club, with amazing people helping each other through each stage. Thank you x

Welcome Philomena,

You are in the right place for advice, tips and support from people in the same boat as yourself. There is a group for people starting chemo in April, please feel free to join in. Here’s the first page. breastcancercare.org.uk/community/forums/undergoing-treatment-chemotherapy/anyone-due-start-chemo-april

Good luck and hope to see you on the April thread. Linda xxx

hi philomena.b
i start chemo next wednesday, just to say hi, hope all goes well for you.
angie xx

Hi Philomena - as the ladies have said, welcome and please join the April thread. I started chemo on monday this week so will be a week ahead of you. Those who have started are giving daily updates so you’ll find out lots about possible side effects etc although most of us have been reasonably lucky and doing very well so far :slight_smile:

Hugs, Pauline xx

FEC cycle 1 day 8
Well treatment has so far gone very well. I was really glad I had read the post about the steroids as I found I was totally wired the first 3 days. Day 2 decided not to fight it and just stayed up and watched tV! Felt better for it. I made sure I had taken all steroids before 12 and that helped. The only other side affects have been feeling on another planet around lunch time with tummy ache, so I am not doing badly. Hardest bit is staying awayfrom sickpeople! I missed my grandsonS 1st birthday due to there being an outbreak of D&V.

Hi Philomena - why don’t you post on the April thread - Linda put the link in the 2nd message above. It’s full of posts from ladies who all started chemo this month - lots of good stuff on there.

cheers Pauline x

Thank you all for your help, just getting used to this sitalso thanks for the advise PCMartin :slight_smile: It’s great having this group. I shall now attemp to get onto the thread. Xx

hi im Lisa,i had a masectomy last October and started chemotherapy in the late November,its now May 4 and i had my last session of chemo last Monday. Im starting herceptin in 3weeks on its own but was having it with the chemo also.its been tough but ive got this far. I have regular heart scans and CT scans,which are very scary as i hope that everythings alright and no bad news.Being poitive and talking about it has helped me a great deal,also knowing that there are so many people who have wished me luck some of whom i least expected to.