Just back from hospital.. diagnosed with ductal cancer

Well it wasn’t the result I was hoping for… still not took it all in… in fact my mind is blank at the moment… but thanks for all the support given to me while waiting for my results x

So sorry to hear that, Sandra. You may find it helps to join one of the forum threads. I live out in the sticks, and it really helps me not having to do this completely on my own. Good luck with the treatment. In a way, you feel better once they have decided what they are going to do and everything gets underway. The waiting’s the worst bit.

Hi Sandra
I had been following your posts yesterday and knew you were getting results today. Its hell, I know, but once you have a treatment plan you have some focus. It will consume your every thought. The shock is horrible. I was diagnosed in May at the age of 36. I have had my surgery and 4 lots of chemo so far and the support from this site is brilliant. You are not alone. What is the plan for you now? What have the docs said?
luv mandyj.xx

Sorry to hear that!! A huge hug!!
I was dagnosed 4 weeks ago. The most surreal feeling and I still haven’t taken it in. But a normality has come into our lives. My advice to you is the advice I took off the women here. Baby steps. One hour or day at a time. It’s going to be tests tests and endless waiting.I’ve just come from another test today!!! It can be frustrating. Try to keep life as normal as you can and be true to your feelings… Rant here if needed. Lots of luck and lots of love
N xx

Sorry to hear you got bad news today. I was diagnosed 7 weeks ago (can’t believe it’s that long!) and remember the shock vividly - in fact I think I went into actual shock as my teeth chattered for 2 days!!
neadi is right, this is the worst time with all the waiting and uncertainties. It oes get slightly more bearable once things start to happen treatment wise.
thimking of you (((((hugs))))))
kerry xx


Hi Sandra51, so sorry to hear your diagnosis. Hopefully they have caught it early enough for you to make a full recovery after treatment. I was diagnosed with invasive Ductal and Lobal BC in March 2011, and after chemo/surgery/rads, am NEDDY (No Evidence of Damned Disease Yet/ Yippee (copyright RevCat lol) )in fact the chemo wiped out all cancer cells prior to surgery, so we can get fantastic results with treatment. Here if you need support/advice/s e comparisons/ virtual hugs <3

Oh Sandra Hun I’m so so sorry. I’m sure everyone on here will help you and be there for you every step of the way, take some time to take it all in. I’m very much in the position you were in last week…been for ultrasound today and they have found a mass as well as my lump, double biopsy next Wednesday and results Thursday, I may well be joining you myself :confused:
Take care sweetie and remember its ok to cry, scream, shout etc etc lots of love to you xxxxxxxx
Faye xxx

Thank you soooo much ladies for your replies… how am I feeling at the moment?.. numb… head is blank… keep filling up and stopping… ive allowed myself to have some “moments” where I am going to lose it… after a couple of days I will get back on track as Im usually a strong headed woman :-)… so far the info I got today was a lumpectomy depending on how much tissue they have got to remove as the lump as grown since my mammogram/ultrasound…radiotherapy- lymph nodes came back clear but they want to do the sentinel nodes? inject blue dye so the surgeon knows where to operate- im yet to learn all the lingo and abbreviations of what it all means…big possibility of masectomy being done…my aunt only this morning said the time to worry is when a macmillian nurse follows you into the room… guess what happened!!.. yep indeed… mummyto2… I will be thinking of you hun… will be sending the biggest positive vibes I can at the moment… i havent even been able to open the package they give you to read… thats another day :slight_smile:

nannabarb… I love Revcats proverb…brillaint!!
kerry… I was like that as soon as I left the hospital… couldnt stop chattering!

Neadi… baby steps it will be indeed xx

meg and mandy… thank you for taking the time to think about me… this site is amazing… keeping me going while I waited for my results… and yes… now I know what I am dealing with i can face it head on

Thanks again ladies … think I am going to go an snuggle in my bed and for the first time since all this started Im hoping for a few hours restful sleep xx

One little hint, dont read too much into the macMillan nurse being there, they are there for every positive diagnosis, No matter how serious (I know its always serious, but I hope you know what I mean) xx Sleep well xx

The sentinel node was the test I had yesterday! It’s where they give you 4 injections of blue dye into your nipple. (they numbed it first so not sore only stingy). You wait 40 mins for that to take and then they scan you to check it’s doing it’s job. Then straight down to op where they knock you out for an hour. Under the arm is a bit uncomfortable and you feel like you’ve had 50 vodkas when you wake up(way hey!!!) but you’re allowed home to wait some more…
Hope you got some sleep x

Hi Sandra

Chin up hun…it will be up and down a bit for the next few days for sure, but eventually you will feel more balances.

I was where you are now, with the same diagnosis, one week ago. Waiting for op 9th November where lump and sentinel nodes will be dyed and removed to see if spread to lymph nodes. The feeling of being in shock is really wierd isnt it…you go about your normal life, trying to reassure others, but knowing everything will never be the same again…and it tookme some days to even realise that was happening…its ironic that its cancer awareness month…Im watching tv programmes and its suddenly a shock that I am one of those people the programmes are about.
I have found this site extremely useful, especially when I wake up and ‘remember’. Thats when its worse for me, but then I go on this site and its calming that so many of us are here in this together, in a way. I also think the tears I cry when I am on the site (mainly for others stories and bravery) are useful to me. I find that after crying I can get on with the day, but also be reflective rather than panicking.
As everyone else has said…baby steps, as its all waiting around for tests and results and it really comes home that every womans situation re medical care is very individual.

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis Sandra51/Lulubel but everyone is correct in saying that you will find excellent support on the forums (I haven’t rang the helplines but people have posted as to how helpful they are too so don’t forget thety are there if you need them).
I had a lumpectomy and Sentinel Node Biopsy on August 28th 2012.
I had a radioactive injection the day before the operation (I was told that the amount of radiation is less than that which a child would experience when having an xray so minimal).
On the day of the operation I went into the day surgery unit and went down to theatre where they injected the blue dye, done the lumpectomy(WLE) and removed the Sentinel node and sent it for testing.
I still have a blue boob (not all of it :slight_smile: just where the dye was injected and was tolsd that could last for six to twelve months.
Following the surgery I had my operation site drained a couple of times (this is not painful at all)
10 days later told that they had clear margins aorund the tissue removed and no node involvement
I have now had 10 of 15 Radiotherapy sessions and so far not too bad apart from a little fatigue (I have been advised that this could increase as I have the rest of the treatments and will last beyond the time spent having treatment, maybe another 2-3 weeks)
Started on Letrozole (post menopausal due to hysterectomy 3 weeks before BC surgery (non BC related) and having hot flushes but to date not too bad.
Off to work next week to speak about a phased return around the middle of Nov (a couple of weeks after Rads finish)
I think I am trying to say :-
Yes I was diagnosed with BC out of the blue (recall from a mammogram)
Yes I have had surgery to remove the BC
Yes I have had Radiotherapy in an attempt to prevent reoccurance
Yes I have had wobbles when it all got a bit much (totally natural, let them happen then move on is how I dealt with them)
but I am still getting on with things and just a few months later seeing a time when I can get back to carrying on as before (I won’t say back to normal because like a lot of peple I think normal has changed but not too much)
I tried to deal with things as they were put in front of my, one thing at a time, while still trying to have the end goal in sight to keep you going.
Take Care of yourselves and listen to what you are being told, doing as you are told does help and although frustrating at times see is as a means to an end.
If there is anything I can tell you about, help you with then please get in touch
Take Care everyone

Hi Sandra - I’m sorry it wasn’t the result you were hoping for. I won’t repeat what others have said other than do call the BCC helpline if you’re having a bit of a ‘wobble’ - I did a few times and they’re so knowledgeable and calming. They really helped me.
Good luck for your next results and treatment plan. It’ll feel like a long time, particularly with the sleepless nights, but all of a sudden you’ll find you’re through the treatment (or most of it, depending what type your cancer is - mine was triple negative so just ops, chemo and rads).

I’ve just come for my first look on here and spotted this thread. I was diagnosed on Thursday too, with Inflamatory Breast Cancer. It has all been such a whirl wind, only got a rash 4 weeks ago and it is already in my glands. Now waiting for CT and bone scan, before starting chemo. I have only just turned 40 in September and can’t quite believe how fast all of this has happened. I have to say my friends have been amazing, but could really do with chatting to some people who are going through the same thing.

Hello VioletC

Welcome to the forums, this must be a very difficult time for you, I’m sure the users of the site will be along to support you soon.

Whilst waiting for replies maybe you would like to talk things through with a member of our helpline staff who are there to offer emotional support as well as practical information. The free phone number is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open again at 9.00 this morning and normal hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 10.00 to 2.00.

Best wishes

June, moderator

Hi violet.
I’m a bit further along the road - 4 weeks ago got diagnosed at 37. Some days a normality comes some - last weekend for instance your life comes crashing round your ears again. This is the worst part- the tests and the waiting. The final piece of my jigsaw is arriving this fri. My friend had very severe inflammatory bc 2 years ago, and was treated as an emergency case. She is now wiping my eyes giving me hugs and advice and worrying what to wear on nights out…she is my comfort. It’s crap it’s awful, and I don’t know why it has happened, but people have gotten through it and so will we. Keep posting here. The gals on this are fab

Thanks Neadi,
Nice to read you have some good support there. My tag line for all of this is Vegas or Bust! lol I had talked about it for my birthday, but it will now be the goal to work towards. I have started a thread over in IBC, as I don’t want to hijack this one, but look forward to making some online buddys

Hi ladies… took a couple of days off to try and get my head around it all…I’m still not sure what Im supposed to be feeling like… over the weekend I got angry and agitated for some reason… had my pre-op/operation dates through the post… think that is most probably what made me angry… it seemed so real…it seems i missed some info while being told my diagnosis… bless hubby :slight_smile: seems some lymph nodes are borderline??..can I ask any ladies how long does it takes for the results of the sentinel nodes to come back cos the surgeon said if it comes back positive I will need another operation? ive got so many questions to ask my BCN next week… poor thing :slight_smile: hope everyone is having a good day today… im okish at the moment… got an empty house…all to myself… I work from home so thats a blessing xx

Hi Sandra
My lymph nodes were clear on ultrasound but a micro met (less than half a mm in size) was found on the sentinal node, I had a full axillary node clearance a few days later, the results from both ops took about 10 days, the waiting is torture, you’ll feel better once you know what you’re dealing with and have a treatment plan x