Just back from hospital.. diagnosed with ductal cancer

Thank you Char… I havent been able to post last couple of days… mainly been reading other ladies postings… I just feel that Ive run out of things to say if you understand… and it is very kind of you to think of me hun … much love xx

Hi Sandra, Let us know when your op date is, so we can all give you virtual support/hugs. My lymph nodes were diagnosed by core biopsy so they were whipped out when I had my lumpectomy (think it was because one was obviously swollen or they would have done SNB rather than core biopsy)
All the best xxx

I’m so sorry to hear that SAndra I’ve been following your posts for a while! I just wanted to send you a virtual hug and let you know I’m thinking of you xx

I know what you mean. This site was wonderful when I was going through the waiting, and has been wonderful support for my Mum with BC, and even for me to ask ? for her on her behalf. I remember my Mum saying the same thing when she was newly diagnosed. It was all so overwhelming and such a blur. I’ll continue to pop in and check on you, please take care and know you are supported on here. Much love Sandra xx

Hi nanna

Ive had my pre op date come through for the 16th Nov and my op is the 27th Nov…got to have the SNB done at the same time… so fingers crossed that is all clear… Ive been reading all the stories about having a blue boobie for some time :slight_smile: first time since Ive been diagnosed that I am smiling writing this :-)… and THANK you for your kind thoughts and wishes… I would be lost without this site and the ladies on here xxxx

I was diagnosed with IBC yesterday and have my CT scan on Monday. Thinking of you x

Dear all, Is the Sentinal Node imaging one of the tests you need to go through? Im having mine the day before surgery - I was not aware of this scan - or maybe I did not hear the consultant mentioning this. The appointment gave me the hebe gebees.