Just been diagnosed and feel really emotional

Hi Everyone. I just had my first chemo on Friday 19th Feb. And other than feeling tired and sleepy I am doing really well. Used cold cap. Waiting how much hair I’m gonna have for next chemo.

Hi Sarah. Well, the first 15-20 minutes was painful, until you get used to the freezing temperature… I was about to tell them to take it off me. But then all if the sudden it was ok. If you get through with the first 20minutes you will be fine. I had it on for 3 hours. And was ok with it. There is a strap under your chin, which is a little tight but I was constantly afhusting it with my finger… so I hope it was worth. I will keep you all updated. You can add me on facebook if you like. I am planning to make a closed group and I would upload my journal there as I am doing videos. I think it is really helpful to see other’s experiences about what we are all going to go through. It gave me a lot of help to see and read about other women with the same problems. My name is Brigitta Verdes. You can add me and we can talk on messenger and can start a group even together. :relaxed:

Yes I do have a pink ribbon as a cover photo. Just send me a friend request. ?

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Me too not emotional just numb tbh

Sounds good xx