Just been diagnosed and waiting for op.

I have just recently been diagnosed with BC and am waiting for op on the 30th, feeling a little apprehensive about whats ahead of me.  They are telling me at this stage, op, then radiotherapy. I feel like I should be grateful that it is small, but still really worried. I know there are people  a lot worse, and I am being silly, but still worried.!!

Hi ellie

I’m 2 weeks post op had mastectomy full lymph node removal and reconstruction feeling really good. Had consultant appointment today and found out 1 lymph node infected 5.5 cm tumour and grade 2. Awaiting letter to start 6 rounds of chemo and 3 weeks of radio but feeling positive and need to get rid of it for good stay positive x


Hi Ellie very best of luck for tomorrow /today even, sure everything will go well for you Suzie xx